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Custom Fashion To Warm Up Your Winter

Published On: December 13, 2021

With winter soon to be in full force, there’s never been a better time to dig in and finally start a clothing line using custom fashion. Instead of hunkering down for another cold, snowy season, break out the sketches and fashion mood boards. With adequate planning, effort, and assistance, you can quickly master custom fashion in time for spring. More importantly, you can create a clothing line that can make a splash.

This Winter Is Just The Beginning: The Promising Future of Custom Fashion

Thick cream-colored striped fabric used for custom fashion in winterWinter is great for fashion. There are more possibilities for designers and consumers to explore. Whether it’s a fashionable sweater made with sustainable materials or a hot, double-faced aviator jacket, it opens up new doors of creative possibilities when seasons change. More layers mean more options for engaging and captivating designs. But just because you’re piling on the fashionable layers in the next few months doesn’t preclude you from seeing some exciting designs for everyday items like a unique line of Birkenstocks honoring artist René Magritte or Reese Cooper’s new line of T-shirts and bomber jackets. Anything’s possible with fashion.

While planning for a stylish summer might be more your style, the time to start a clothing line has never been better. According to McKinsey, although 2020 dealt a blow to the fashion industry, it’s quickly regaining its pre-pandemic footing. Along with the bounceback, crafting custom fashion, a la the Maker Movement, has never been more popular amongst creatives.

What does this mean for the intrepid, emerging fashion designer looking to create memorable clothing samples? It means that there’s never been a better time to explore your creative ambitions and finally opt for sustainable custom fashion.

How To Make Custom Apparel

Closeup of a fashion cutter creating usable fabric for a custom fashion lineFirst thing’s first: you’re going to need a plan. With custom clothing, there’s no room for winging it. You need to put in the time and effort to bring any idea to fruition.

More importantly, you’ll need a clothing manufacturer that will help you put your plan into action. Clothing manufacturers can help plan, develop, and produce clothing lines for independent designers everywhere.

Let’s look and see what you can expect when you tap the TEG team for starting a clothing line this winter.

Starting A Clothing Line With TEG: The Planning Process

Before launching a clothing line, every iconic fashion designer always had a concrete, well-thought-out plan.

When meeting with founder Jennifer Evans, both emerging and established independent clothing designers will fully understand and plan a future clothing line.

At The Evans Group, the creative services team helps emerging designers visualize their ideas, aims, and goals. Depending on your goals, the TEG team will implement action plans, brainstorm sessions, fashion mood boards, and market analysis. The latter helps determine if your custom garments have a realistic future on the market.

A Note on Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers

Before launching into the creative process, it’s worth knowing that certain clothing manufacturers require certain MOQs, or minimum order quantities. What is a minimum order quantity? It’s the bare minimum number of clothing samples that a clothing manufacturer sets for its clients. It’s a helpful way to assist the clothing manufacturer with monitoring their bottom lines. For example, more prominent clothing companies may have a massive MOQ since they source expensive fabric and take on extensive clothing orders.

However, there exist low MOQ clothing manufacturers. For an emerging designer looking to slowly yet steadily start a clothing line, low MOQs are a lifesaver.

At TEG, there are no minimums. No minimums mean that, theoretically, any designer can commission an order of one to ten pieces to get a feel for custom fashion.

TEG Design Services

Two fashion designers examining a heavy fur coat used in a custom fashion designAfter meeting with Jennifer Evans for a fashion consultation, emerging designers will partner with professional creative designers to bring a custom fashion line to life. For example, some of the key design services TEG provides include:

  • Fashion Mood Boards – We take pride in the patience, detail, and dedication we pour into fashion mood board planning. Mood boards act as a freeform method of planning nearly every creative aspect.
  • Line sheet creation – Line sheets are comprehensive sheets that describe your clothing line to wholesalers. It’s also a helpful tool and a precursor to the all-encompassing fashion tech pack, which will help TEG team members design clothing.
  • Optional fashion illustration – If you so choose, you can opt for fashion illustrations that bring your design to life on the page. This is a great way to visualize your designs before production better.

Why Choose Custom Fashion?

Aside from the resilience of the fashion industry, creating custom fashion allows you to take your creativity to a whole new level.

And at TEG, you have an invaluable opportunity to finally buckle down and start a clothing line for any season. Through extensive planning, using the services of talented designers, and leaning into low MOQ clothing manufacturing, TEG aims to bridge the gap between fashion concepts and tangible fashion lines.

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