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Define Bespoke: Fast Facts About Custom Clothing

Published On: July 11, 2022

If you travel in fashion circles, you’ve heard of bespoke fashion. But how do you define bespoke? It’s a term that permeates not only the entire fashion industry but countless other creative circles. Whether a furniture maker, a tailor, or even software, bespoke items are an integral part of society. But ‘bespoke’ is more than just creating a custom-made fashion piece, chair, or shoes. Let’s learn more about the term bespoke and its impact. Most importantly, how fashion designers thrive when creating bespoke clothing with the help of pattern makers and seamstresses.

What Does Bespoke Mean?

two fashion designers examining a bespoke floral dressIn fashion, bespoke refers to custom tailoring and creating custom clothes. But bespoke fashion doesn’t have to be a private affair. The sleek runways of New York Fashion Week or shows in fashion meccas like Milan and Paris exhibit bespoke style. And, of course, we’ll be holding up a lens to bespoke fashion. Perhaps more importantly, how emerging independent designers can build their portfolios and experience with bespoke clothing.

Why Is ‘Bespoke’ So Important?

Before we look at bespoke fashion specifically, why is ‘bespoke’ such an essential part of our lives?

It Fosters Creativity

Bespoke clothing manufacturing thrusts the creative power into the hands of the fashion designer. For example, say you’re creating a bespoke clothing line of avant-garde fashion. If you’re an intrepid indie designer with big ideas, your ambition is the only thing holding you back. Well, that and how much a clothing line can cost. But bespoke fashion has been pushing creative boundaries for centuries, and it’s only becoming more prevalent. Especially with clothing manufacturers and fashion production houses spearheading creative efforts.

It Offers A Helping Hand

fashion sketch of bespoke outfitBespoke clothing production requires assistance and input from multiple fashion experts. Whether an expert seamstress or a noted Los Angeles pattern maker, putting a bespoke clothing line together is a labor of love. Speaking of fostering creativity and employing help, designers can further advance their designers with fashion mentors.

Fashion Mentors At The Evans Group

Ever felt like you needed a helping hand when creating fashion sketches or your ideal clothing line? The Evans Group (TEG) saw a huge opportunity to bring rookie designers into the fold. Through the comprehensive fashion mentoring program, brand new indie designers can depend on a design guru to help them through the process. From initial designs to product launches, a TEG fashion mentor helps a designer create a stunning bespoke clothing line.

It Helps Find The Perfect Fit (In More Ways Than One)

Both literally and figuratively, bespoke clothing and fashion design help creators and customers find that perfect fit. Consumers can flock to famous clothing retailers to restock their summer wear. But with expertly made bespoke clothing, they can find something that not only speaks to them creatively but fits.

It Uses High-Quality Materials

It’s no secret that we’re against fast fashion and its detrimental impact on our planet. Not to mention its effect on women working in the Global South. With bespoke fashion, clothing designers wrest control from fast fashion practices. As such, they get the pick of the litter in the clothing supply chain with sustainable materials like organic cotton, Tencel, and hemp. Say goodbye to fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex. It’s time to embrace a cleaner, more sustainable future. Which is the best fabric for your fashion line? Well, that’s up to you!

Define Bespoke: How TEG Can Help

Los Angeles pattern maker working on the computerWhile we can technically define bespoke as custom-made clothing and objects, it’s much more. The word itself denotes unfettered creativity, unbound by the usual constraints found in the fashion industry. While anyone can dream up a winning idea for a clothing line, it takes a creative effort to go all-in with bespoke clothing. Do you have a standout clothing line idea? Or maybe you need help finalizing your fashion sketches? Either way, get in contact with the experts at TEG to begin your exciting fashion journey!

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