Established Designers


The Evans Group has long been an invaluable resource for established high-end designers and brands who appreciate our flexible approach to providing the finest in development, sampling, and production.

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The Evans Group has been an invaluable extension of established designers and brands since 2005. In that time, we have worked with over 2500 designers, many of whom have thriving, successful global businesses. We have a flexible approach to working with established designers for apparel production needs, pattern development, cut and sew, sample development, fabric sourcing, and design assistance.

Your garments will be developed, sampled and produced in our Los Angeles headquarters (where you are always welcome to visit) or our San Francisco atelier. We are proud to ethically produce in Los Angeles.

How We Can Help

TEG has extensive and unmatched experience working with luxury, high-end designers.  Many have complex demands and busy production schedules, managing four-to-six collections per year. We are comfortable working alongside, hand-in-hand, with in-house development teams to manage overflow sampling and production needs.


We have experienced teams of Master Patternmakers and Samplemakers specializing in unique fabrics such as silk, leather, and wovens to cut-and-sew knits, beading, and lace.  Moreover, we can handle almost any category, including athletic and activewear, swimwear, lingerie, evening gowns, and avant-garde creations.  We are one of the few fashion houses in the US with our unique skills and capabilities.

We utilize the latest Gerber software and machinery, expanding our capacity and capabilities to include everything from delicate handwork to automated precision cutting.  Work with our Master Patternmakers and Samplemakers to ensure your high-end or complex project has the fit, detail, and quality you need.

Customized Solutions

Teg has served as a trusted resource for complex, rushed, or unique projects for over 18 years.  We work with you to create customized programs to address your unique and specific needs, such as dedicated sewing modules, on-demand manufacturing, special project orchestration, production guidance, complex sewing projects or installations, quick-turn development, high-end capsules, or production with special handling.

We also tackle last-minute “surprise” projects and custom and special orders.  We have created everything from large-scale branded tents to collections made out of living plants.  Programs are planned, priced, scheduled, and orchestrated based on their unique needs.  There is not a challenge we don’t enjoy taking on!


Pricing is provided on an a la carte basis, based on your needs, at TEG’s current hourly rates. All rates, pricing, and scope of projects are agreed upon prior to the commencement of work. Please contact us for more information.

“Established designers” are vetted by TEG and are typically brands that currently fulfill wholesale or ongoing direct-to-consumer sales to the high-end or luxury market.


A showcase of Teg’s Master Patternmaking and Samplemaking skills and a homage to iconic designs.

Teg’s Iconic Gown Retrospective displays our commitment to preserving traditional and time-honored construction techniques and our love and admiration for exquisite design. Teg’s development team expertly recreated each design by simply looking at a photograph. The project highlights our team’s ability to create and execute complex designs based on a minimum amount of input, be it a photo, sketch, or inspiration sample. Out of the utmost respect for the original designer, our decision to recreate these iconic gowns in muslin was a deliberate one.

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