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Luxury Clothing Manufacturers: Secrets To Start A Clothing Line

Published On: December 3, 2021

When you think of luxury clothing manufacturers, you likely conjure up images of Gucci’s latest fashion line. How can a new independent fashion designer achieve that level of quality?

It isn’t easy. However, emerging and established fashion designers all over the world can take advantage of clothing manufacturers that support and create fashion brands.

Let’s examine the main ways luxury clothing manufacturers help launch a clothing line.

Luxury Clothing Manufacturers Who Offer In-Depth Creative Services

closeup of a fashion sketch used by luxury clothing manufacturersWhen starting a clothing line, you need to explore every avenue. We mean every avenue. This is a passion project for you, after all. Don’t hold back your creativity

During the first baby steps toward a memorable clothing line, you may have an inkling of an idea. You need an extra push to help you see the bigger picture.

Any clothing manufacturer who knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry will help emerging fashion designers in multiple ways. And it’s never more important than harnessing creative resources to craft a memorable clothing line.

For example, a cohesive, creative services team can help a rookie fashion designer determine fashion-forward designs, utilize detailed brainstorming sessions, and more.

At The Evans Group, Jennifer Evans and her team offer to fashion designers, both established and emerging, the opportunity to explore creative options. The accomplished creative design team spends hours developing the best possible clothing line with the fashion designer.

In particular, TEG uses a fashion mood board to help formulate concrete creative ideas and options. TEG prides itself on helping fashion designers achieve ambitious and avant-garde clothing lines in Los Angeles.

Status As A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

Table with books in the foreground and bridal wear in the background at the San Francisco clothing design studio

Certain businesses serve as low MOQ clothing manufacturers depending on the fashion production house. A MOQ, or minimum order quantity, is a lower-than-average benchmark for fashion designers to commission orders.

For example, some luxury clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles may have a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces in a clothing line. As you can imagine, an emerging independent LA-based fashion designer may not have adequate resources to meet this hefty requirement.

As such, some luxury clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles offer either low MOQs or no minimums at all.

But these minimum order quantities aren’t arbitrarily set by clothing manufacturers. MOQs serve as a method for businesses to monitor their bottom line for sustainable sourcing fabric and cover other costs.

At The Evans Group, we aim for the latter of the two. TEG wants to help LA-based fashion designers to explore the limits of creativity. With that in mind, TEG imposes no minimum order quantities.

A fashion designer can order one to ten pieces if they choose. We believe that siphoning resources by strong-arming you into ordering a minimum of 300 clothing samples isn’t beneficial for the designer when crafting couture.

Expert Pattern Makers

In short, fashion pattern makers are driving forces in the luxury clothing manufacturing process. Equipped with an eye for fashion, and an updated tech pack, a talented pattern maker, takes a fashion blueprint and gives it life.

Pattern makers are integral pieces of the fashion design machine. Firstly, creating a fashion tech pack involves filling out multiple pages. These pages consist of technical sketches, AutoCAD drawings, and more to help the pattern maker bring 2D designs into being.

Secondly, ensure your tech pack is as accurate as possible to make things easier on the pattern maker (and yourself). If not, it can cause miscommunication and fudged fashion designs. In short, minor fashion mistakes compound to make achieving a dream that much more difficult. And creating a fashion line shouldn’t be a source of frustration.

TEG has multiple expert pattern makers in Los Angeles and San Francisco that have years of fashion design experience. Our pattern makers are renowned for their attention to detail and dedication towards bringing a designer’s ideas to life.

After the pattern maker finds the perfect fit through pattern drafting and draping, they hand off the product to the talented production team. The TEG team, replete with seamstresses, tailors, and cutters, puts their skills to work to create your own fashion line. In short, we have the process down to a science.

Using A Luxury Clothing Manufacturer: The Key To Avant-Garde Fashion

Jennifer Evans at a table showing salmon-colored fabric to two fashion designersDon’t worry: using a luxury clothing manufacturer, don’t think you need to pay Gucci prices and settle for a massive minimum order quantity. In fact, opting for a luxury clothing manufacturer can net emerging fashion designers quality clothing samples to impress the eager public.

With low MOQs, expert pattern makers in Los Angeles, and unparalleled creative services, TEG aims to check all fashion design boxes. The result? Quality fashion design with the focus on the designer and their personal goals towards joining the fashion industry ranks.

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