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Summer Fashion Trends for Design Inspiration in 2022

Published On: March 9, 2022

Finally, it’s starting to really warm up. While we hate to say goodbye to fall and spring fashion trends, it’s time for summer to do its thing. That’s right; summer fashion trends are already well on their way to becoming some of the most iconic yet.

Whether it’s a retro fashion line or a classic sundress, it’s time to spice up your wardrobe. Grab your fashion mood board and get inspired by these dominant looks this season.

Let’s examine some of the most notable summer fashion trends and how exactly to capitalize on them with clothing manufacturing.

2022 Summer Fashion Trends

see through black dress inspired by summer fashion trendsIt’s time to dive into some of the biggest trends that will define the way summer looks in 2022. Which one will serve as inspiration for your clothing brand? Take a look.

Bright Colors: Forging a More Positive Path

Far from an avant-garde fashion trend, one of the season’s most powerful items is sometimes the most simple.

Bright colors are going to make a huge statement. Simple as that. Whether it’s a bold green dress or a stunning orange skirt, something as simple as solid colors are going to be outfit staples this summer.

In 2021, fashion startups like Cuyana and La Ligne banked on bright colors, coming into play after a dismal year for fashion in 2020. Partly due to struggles with the pandemic and staffing.

After a down year for fashion, startups like these are experiencing unprecedented orders for bright colors.

These are styles that make a statement. Customers were actively seeking more bright colors. Colors are associated with positive ideas and pieces with a flair for fun.

For summer 2022, a fashion trend like this is the perfect way to literally and figuratively brighten up your wardrobe and bring a joie de vivre back to your wardrobe.

And when entering the slow fashion world where people create their own fashion, it’s a great starting point for starting your own clothing line.

In short, when you wear a bold color or pattern, you’re forging a positive path forward.

Platform Shoes

Another summer fashion trend for 2022 is the rise of platform shoes.

Since 2020, people have fawned over platform shoes. And it’s easy to see why. Platforms are making a big statement wherever they pop up. It could be a dazzling part of a pop star’s outfit or a stylish part of a summer wardrobe when vacationing.

They fit right in with some of spring’s most popular looks, namely the emphasis on years gone by. Now that the bygone era of Y2K is screaming onto the scene in a big way, platforms have even more exposure and chances to become a fashion staple not only this season but for the entire decade. Only time will tell, but we’re optimistic.

Regardless, these stylish shoes make a statement, and it’s no different this season.

We love platform shoes because they act as a fantastic accessory to these other styles and are bold fashion statements all their own. In short, platforms will be a powerful piece in your fashion collection.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts, or long skirts that go below the knee and above the ankle, constantly show up in lists of the hottest trends. It’s no different for summer 2022 fashion trends.

The great thing about maxi skirts is that they are highly versatile. They’re often paired with jackets, and simple blouses, too. They’re a fantastic yet uncomplicated evolution of the midi skirt, taking the foundations and making them truly couture.

They reside in the middle of the road. They are neutral enough to avoid avant-garde sensibilities (if that’s not your thing) but creative and versatile enough to instantly have a high fashion vibe. And yes, they are reminiscent of the resurgence of Y2K, too. What items and styles aren’t these days?

Summer Trends With the Evans Group

Los Angeles seamstress working on a summer dressWhen choosing to work with The Evans Group (TEG), emerging fashion designers have the opportunity to work with creative experts that help create clothing lines.

Independent designers who merely want to get their bearings in the fashion industry or upgrade their fashion collections can rest easy knowing TEG has your back when creating luxury fashion.

Small Batch Clothing Production In Los Angeles

A massive benefit for new, independent clothing designers is utilizing the small batch clothing production found at the studio.

The Evans Group’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) is merely one piece. Having no minimums is a point of pride for us and encourages and allows rookie fashion designers to think outside the box without a significant risk/reward.

In short, you don’t need to order a massive clothing order to get your start in the fashion industry.

Plus, you’ll be supporting American clothing manufacturers when working with The Evans Group.

Choosing to support American clothing manufacturers helps stem the tide of fast fashion and ensures that designers have greater control over their clothing line all throughout the manufacturing process. What’s better than that?

With a strong emphasis on sustainability in our business model, TEG

Look Good This Summer With The Evans Group And Summer Fashion Trends

two los angeles designers working on brown fabric used for summer fashion trendsWhen you create your own clothing line with The Evans Group, you’ll be crafting memorable silhouettes, indie fashion collections, and masterful sketches.

Whichever style, outfit, or color you choose, The Evans Group will support you every step of the way.

Got more questions about the clothing manufacturing process? Want to submit an inquiry about your stunning future clothing line? Fill in the form below to get into contact with the TEG team and start your successful clothing brand today.

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