TEG Alumni Consulting
Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Barcelona


The TEG team has worked with over 650 clothing designers of all categories, experience levels, growth models, and niches.  Many of the TEG Alumni have gone on to grow their lines into very successful brands, and are well-respected by the design community, and often our incoming designers who look to their models for inspiration.  TEG is proud to announce the introduction of TEG Alumni Consulting, featuring some of our most-experienced and skilled alumni designers as consultants and coaches to our current clients. One of our most popular services has been our LA Clothing Manufacturing

Consulting Packages

The TEG Alumni Consulting Program consists of flat-rate packages that are geared towards helping emerging designers achieve their goals affordably, and measurably with our alumni's guidance.  New clients are assigned a TEG Alumni Consultant with a similar aesthetic, or applicable experience. They work directly with them in one of the TEG studios, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barcelona, or remotely anywhere in the world.  

All packages begin with a 2-hour in-person Brand Analysis for $500.  There the emerging designer will discuss their vision, goals, collection, strategy, and special areas of need in conversation form with a TEG Alumni Consultant that suits their needs or matches their aesthetic.   The consultant will provide insight, suggestions, and answer specific questions the designer may have.  Then they receive a follow-up and re-cap from the TEG Alumni Consultant, providing an overview with next-step recommendations in areas of need, from our 5 primary categories, specialty categories, or add-on topics.

It is our goal to provide an inspiring yet practical learning experience for the designer, while offering the highest level of expertise by those who know first-hand their experiences.  Services have been broken into 5 categories, packages, and add-ons.

  1. Product
    1. Design
    2. Development
    3. Merchandising
    4. Tech Packs
    5. Costing
  2. Sales and Distribution
    1. Competition Survey
    2. Pricing
    3. Distribution Plan
    4. Sales Campaign
    5. Sales Tools
  3. Production
    1. Sourcing
    2. Volume
    3. Price point
    4. Pre-production
  4. Finance
    1. Cash Flow Calendars and Planning
    2. Funding Scenarios
    3. Accounting
  5. Branding and Marketing
    1. Brand Identity and Cohesion
    2. Brand Strategy
    3. Competitive Shopping and Pricing
    4. PR and Marketing
    5. Graphics


Brand Analysis Session - 2 hours for $500

Get your feet wet with a consultant in a 2 hour Brand Analysis with a consultant TEG believes best-suits your needs.  Discuss your brand vision, goals, collection, strategy, and special areas of need in conversation form with a TEG Alumni Consultant that suits your need or matches your aestetic.  

The consultant will provide insight, suggestions, and answer specific questions the designer may have related to their brand's needs.  You will receive a follow-up and re-cap from the TEG Alumni Consultant, providing an overview of the categories above, with next-step recommendations in areas of need.  This can serve as a broad roadmap, or you can choose to move forward with A La Carte Consulting.

A La Carte Consulting Package - 5 hours for $2250

The assigned TEG Alumni Consultant will work with you on any specific areas of the categories discussed in the brand analysis, or assortment of them, for a total of 5 consulting hours.  Consultations can occur in any of the TEG studios, or remotely to serve clients from a distance.  The categories include:

  • Product and Design
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Production
  • Finance
  • Branding and Marketing

This level of consulting is geared towards brands with specific needs within these categories, and providing them with the tools and knowledge of the process around those areas.  Clients will walk away with tangible tools to use themselves, in planning, launching, organizing, or growing their brand.

Brand Development Package - 4 hours for $1800

A TEG Alumni Consultant will work with you on any area of branding that you may need assistance developing.  Our consultants have years of hands-on experience developing all areas of a successful brand, from lookbooks to websites, to retail location planning, and are excellent resources for our clients for input and expertise.  Consultations can occur in any of the TEG studios, or remotely to serve clients from a distance.  The categories include:

  • Photoshoot direction
  • Lookbook direction
  • Line sheet development
  • Website design direction
  • Logo design direction
  • Retail planning consultation

Clients will walk away with a clear plan and direction on their brand, suiting your vision and creative direction.  Add-on services for the execution of the above are offered, with our team of technical consultants at flat-rates.

Sustainable Design Package - 5 hours for $2250

Learn the basics on how to create a sustainable collection, and receive the tools and resources to fulfill your vision for your line, with a sustainable, organic, or a social mission.  Work with a TEG Alumni who has a focus in sustainable apparel, to learn what it entails, and how to source fabrics and trims that meet your mission.  

Topics will be tailored to your needs, and include:

  • Sustainable Education
  • Design and Merchandising
  • Planning Entry to Market
  • Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification
  • Sustainable Sales and Distribution Channels  

You will walk away with tangible tools and resources to launch your line sustainably and responsibly, with clear and practical advise from a seasoned sustainable designer.

Footwear and Handbag Design Package - 5 hours for $2250

If you are interested in launching a footwear or handbag line, but have limited experience, benefit from the experience of the TEG Alumni who have been there, and done that before.  In the often hard to access community of footwear resources, work with our alumni to learn all the necessary steps.  Topics will include:

  • Technical Design Eduction
  • Materials and Hardware Sourcing
  • Last Design and Creation
  • Development and Production Process Education
  • Sales and Distribution Planning

Whether you have plans to develop and produce locally or internationally, our consultant will help you finalize your designs, understand the technical designs needed, where to source materials and hardware, and create a sales and distribution plan.  You will be ready to go into development with the tools and resources needed to launch your cohesive line with quality.

Coaching Package - 4 sessions of 2 hours each for $3600

Once you've completed your focused consulting package, create an ongoing coaching relationship with your consultant, and have regular check-ins with them in the areas your brand needs it most.  This can include topic-specific areas, big picture planning, or a combination of topics.  

Clients will have 2 hour meetings in-person at a TEG studio, or remotely, allowing seasoned advise and mentorship regardless of your location.  Experience coaching that helps you reach your goals, and holds you accountable, while showing you the ropes along the way.

Flat-rate Add-ons

Include add-ons to your consulting package, to fill-in the technical areas needed for your brand.  Our add-ons are done by seasoned alumni and trusted industry sources alike, who will create the tools you need to see your line from planning through production.  We will match you with a consultant that matches your brand, vision, and budget.  Prices will vary based on the consultant and scope of service.

  • Full Design Package - $1050 per style
    • Flat drawings with fabric and color way specs
    • Development history
    • Garment part specifications
    • Points of measurement
    • Construction specifications
    • Grading measurements by size
    • Costing sheet
  • Basic Tech Pack - $250 per style
    • Flat drawing
    • Specification sheet
    • Construction notes
  • Sourcing - $200 per hour, 3 hour minimum

Additional Partner Services - Pricing available upon request

  • Photo shoots
  • Logo Design
  • Label Design
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Crowd Funding Presentations
  • Pop-up Location Rental - Los Angeles and San Francisco


All consulting rates are based on the above packages and may be adjusted, with a surcharge added for complexity, or specific consultants.  All prices will be agreed-upon prior to any work being started, with any surcharges agreed to. 

For higher-level consulting beyond the scope of the packages above, pricing will be provided based on the level of experience of the consultant, and requested role.  Executive-level consulting is available and can be arranged on request.