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What Are Clothing Manufacturers and Why Should You Use Them?

Published On: September 28, 2021

Launching a clothing line should be an exciting time in your design career. Drafting up various fashion design sketches, consulting other professionals in design details, and visualizing the perfect fabric for a specific piece.

But you need a solid, reliable, and established clothing manufacturer that follows your designs to the letter, communicating in-depth with you about every decision made.

Finding a clothing manufacturer near you may be more uncomplicated than you might think, and launching that ambitious and revolutionary fashion line of yours is well within your grasp.

But what are clothing manufacturers, and why should you use them to launch a fashion brand or start a clothing business?

What Are Clothing Manufacturers?

Three Los Angeles clothing manufacturers consulting a design in an office settingClothing manufacturers are businesses that take raw, sourced fabric and turn it into a clothing line. Therefore, a clothing manufacturer that aligns you with your design goals is essential to launching a clothing line, brand, or business.

Clothing manufacturers essentially work in tandem with indie fashion designers to make fashion sketches, brainstorm sessions, and reams of fabric into a comprehensive clothing line. Although each clothing manufacturer is different in its approach to design and production, it boils down to helping indie fashion designers through the entire clothing creation process.

When emerging fashion designers are in the first stages of clothing design, they need every asset available. Why go it alone? Let’s see why you, as a fashion designer, absolutely need a clothing manufacturer to fuel your ambition.

Why Use a Clothing Manufacturer?

Team of clothing manufacturers working at sewing machines in the TEG Los Angeles clothing factoryFirst and foremost, clothing manufacturers directly help you start a clothing line. No matter the stage of design you’re at with your clothing line, a reliable clothing manufacturer and production house will help independent designers along the way. Firstly, they help during the design process. Subsequently, they set up the production process. Finally, they deliver your clothing samples on time.

What are clothing manufacturers? In other words, essentially a designer’s best friend.

In short, clothing manufacturers have a few key distinguishing parts that make up the whole.

The Human Touch

A fantastic asset found with using a clothing manufacturer is human precision. However, the world of automation has made advances in textile working, nothing that rivals the raw accuracy and experience of seamstresses and tailors. Not even robots. According to Harris Quinn’s piece in Wired,

“But sewing has been notoriously difficult to automate because textiles bunch and stretch as they’re worked with. Human hands are adept at keeping fabric organized as it passes through a sewing machine. Robots typically are not deft enough to handle the task.”

Working with a clothing manufacturer that helps independent designers succeed lean on human ingenuity, skill, and a flair for fashion design. In short, nothing rivals the human touch.

Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) are a clothing manufacturer’s minimum amount of clothing samples in an order to make a fashion line. For example, a massive clothing manufacturer may require clients to order at least 200 clothing sample pieces in any given order.

MOQs vary from business to business, ranging anywhere from 10 pieces to a few hundred. Different variables (depending on the clothing manufacturer) play a role in setting a clothing business’s MOQ. For example, low or no MOQs are a helpful asset found in many American clothing manufacturers, ensuring emerging fashion designers the opportunity to thrive.

At TEG, there are no minimums. Not forcing a new designer to order a minimum of 500 pieces is a fantastic way to give a fashion designer some much-needed breathing room in terms of creativity, finances, and planning.

Quality Control: Made In America

When you’re bringing your clothing line to life, the last thing you need is for small details to morph into massive, unmitigated disasters.

For instance, when starting your clothing line, the last thing you need is to spend days attempting to put out fires during the production process. With smaller clothing manufacturers like TEG, quality is a huge consideration, as it should always be. Led by a crack team of production managers, creative designers, and quality control specialists, TEG ensures that an independent designer doesn’t run into any hiccups in the production process.

Fashion Jobs In Los Angeles

No matter how extensive a clothing manufacturer’s roster of employees is, sometimes creating your clothing line requires more help. But how does a clothing manufacturer fill in the gaps to ensure that a clothing line meets both quality checks and deadlines?

At TEG, when a designer decides to plunge into the world of L.A. indie fashion, they allow for local textile workers to get the job done. TEG hires local textile workers from nearby clothing studios, creating meaningful, detailed jobs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a clothing sample maker, seamstress, or L.A. pattern maker, TEG offers open design positions to finish those substantial clothing orders.

What Are Clothing Manufacturers? Your Best Asset

Jennifer Evans working at the front desk of the TEG Los Angeles clothing manufacturerAside from sheer fashion design prowess, clothing manufacturers are your number one asset in starting a clothing line. With clear communication, teams of seasoned fashion design veterans, and dedicated local L.A. textile workers, clothing manufacturers make dreams come to life. To sum it all up, clothing manufacturers are the fashion design puzzle pieces that make your clothing a tangible product.

In short, with in-depth planning, design, and execution, clothing manufacturers earn their keep by making their clients’ creative visions into a reality.

To sum it up, TEG has set itself up as one of the most welcoming clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles to independent fashion designers. The world of Los Angeles indie fashion, championed by TEG, has made way for ethical and sustainable fashion design and a warm, welcoming environment to foster fashion creations.

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