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The Evans Group (TEG) preserves and supports Made In USA craftsmanship by providing high-end fashion development and production services to established and emerging designers. Since its inception in 2005, TEG has served nearly 2500 clothing brands, and has created over 30 year-round, living-wage jobs.

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Meet Jennifer

In 2005, Jennifer Evans founded The Evans Group (Teg) with one specific goal in mind: To offer emerging and high-end established designers the finest development and production services in the industry; while at the same time providing fashion industry professionals a fair, safe and secure environment where they don’t just work, they thrive.

Jennifer has intensive hands-on experience in the fashion industry. While studying business in San Francisco, she began her fashion career at a couture house. While there, she was tasked with finding high-quality workmanship for the brand. This search led her to NYC where she headed up the acquisition of couture and tailoring facilities. For four years, she immersed herself in the intensive process of creating high-end apparel for an independent designer and observed the unique, specific needs of fashion industry factory workers as well.

With a desire to contribute toward real and lasting change, Jennifer moved to the non-profit sector, spending four years at the International Academy of Irvine. There she developed a unique program to train mass-production factory workers in the fine skills needed to sew high-end clothing in small volumes, specifically serving independent designers. Originally intended as a fundraising measure for the school, the program was inundated almost overnight with orders. Unknowingly, Jennifer had sewn the seeds of The Evans Group.

With the blessing of the school’s founder, in 2005, Jennifer set up her own independent shop in just 8’ x 40’ of space (a standard shipping container) in Laguna Beach, California, and got to work. Demand for Teg’s high quality, and support for its sustainable practices, grew quickly. Within a year, the company relocated to the Arts District of DTLA.

Fast forward to the current day, and Teg continues as an award-winning, vertically-integrated fashion development and production house committed to unwavering support of emerging and high-end designers. It is comprised of renowned studios in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. In its quest to preserve and foster craftsmanship, Teg trains and employs some of the most skilled pattern makers and sewers in the US, allowing it to offer a complete suite of in-house creative, development, and production services. Since its inception Teg has created over 30 new industry jobs, paying a living wage to each.  Teg continues to be a leader in the fashion industry, instilling ethics, transparency, and best practices into every single project.

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