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American Clothing Manufacturers: 5 Creative Benefits

Published On: January 19, 2022

Although a lot of the design process can be confusing and a bit intimidating for emerging fashion designers, one thing’s for certain: you want to design and produce clothing. But where should you manufacture clothes? Is it the fashion houses of Paris? No. The answer is right here in the USA: American clothing manufacturers have some serious benefits.

Let’s take a look at why you’re going to want to choose domestic manufacturing over anything.

Low MOQ American Clothing Manufacturers

Firstly, before submitting your design to a clothing manufacturer, you must know their minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Briefly, the minimum order quantity is the bare minimum number of clothing samples that a clothing manufacturer will agree to before beginning production on your order. However, a minimum order quantity could be 300-500 pieces.

For new fashion designers, this isn’t an option. And when you choose to do business overseas, you’re automatically signing up for a hefty minimum order quantity manufacturer. And even if you somehow cut costs on fabric, you can’t escape other costs like shipping it from different countries. Plus, supply chain issues will give you a ton of headaches.

To sum up, choosing overseas manufacturing hamstrings both emerging and established fashion designers trying to launch a successful clothing line.

On the other hand, there’s some definite breathing room with American clothing manufacturers. The Evans Group (TEG) leans into its ‘no minimums’ policy.

And it means exactly that: no matter the order size, founder Jennifer Evans and her talented team will take on a clothing order. Yes, this means if you conjure up a killer design of 10 pieces, TEG has you covered. As a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, TEG has a responsibility for helping new and established independent clothing designers find what works.

Although it may be tempting to choose an overseas clothing manufacturer, keep in mind the excessive cost and shift your gaze to somewhere closer to home.

American Clothing Manufacturers Have Better Communication Potential

four american clothing manufacturers standing around a tableWhen trying to nail your bespoke clothing line, communication is everything between a designer and a production house.

As you can imagine, having your clothing line a tad closer to home allows you to have better communication potential with the manufacturer. At worst, you’ll be a few time zones away, so communication isn’t the high-wire balancing act it is when choosing overseas production.

But more important than logistics is being able to communicate with your manufacturer on a deeper level. If a potential issue arises, your manufacturer is a phone call away. This flexibility offers a lot of breathing room.

Plus, if you’re local, you have a better opportunity to check in on your clothing order.

For example, in Los Angeles, The Evans Group, a production manager will be a phone call away after planning your clothing line via creative services and good old-fashioned brainstorming sessions. These managers ensure your clothing line undergoes multiple QA checks, so there are no mistakes.

When manufacturing occurs overseas, you don’t have that guarantee that everything will go off without a hitch. It’ll be too late until you discover any minor or major issues. With United States clothing manufacturing, you have much more control over what you create.

American Manufacturers and Planning A High-Quality Clothing Line

Sometimes, it comes down to that extra touch. When you work alongside a USA clothing manufacturer, you’re bumping shoulders with someone who’s encouraging you to follow your creative dreams and passions.

In TEG’s Los Angeles studio space, the aforementioned creative services team aims to help clients whittle their doubts about producing clothing and showing why following a passion is worth it.

After extensive fashion mood board planning sessions, The TEG team will take your initial designs and create TEG Specification Sheets. These are also known as fashion tech packs, the blueprint to your design. It contains everything from measurements, fabric, and more.

In short, this winning combination allows clients to start their clothing production with unparalleled peace of mind.

Ethical And Sustainable Clothing In The USA

four textile workers at sewing machine at a Los Angeles clothing manufacturing studioWith fast fashion dominating the industry, it seems more difficult for quality garments to provide a selling point to both designers and customers. However, choosing a company that focuses on ethical and sustainable products is more popular than ever in the US.

At The Evans Group, Jennifer Evans dedicated herself to reducing pollution in the fashion industry. Thankfully, this important conversation is beginning in different parts of the fashion world. Sustainability is a huge consideration with your brand.

As such, TEG commits itself to use sustainable materials, including sourcing organic fabric.

Ethically-made clothing is also a massive concern for many designers launching private and public collections. Are the pieces in development not exploiting labor in the Global South? These sorts of questions are crucial to limiting the harmful effects of irresponsible and unethical business standards (or lack thereof).

Moreover, unethical business standards harm untold amounts of women apparel makers, too. In short, TEG wants this to shift dramatically. In other words, a surefire way to buck the trend of outsourcing labor is by choosing a domestic company. Therefore, you know what materials they use, how long production will take, and, as you’ll see, the benefits concerning job creation.

USA Manufacturers Create Jobs

And finally, when choosing domestic manufacturing, you’re contributing to jobs in the United States.

One of the standout aspects of The Evans Group is its dedication to creating manufacturing jobs for Los Angelenos and Americans at large, so TEG is taking matters into its own hands.

For example, Jennifer Evans hires former factory workers and, on larger clothing orders, seeks the assistance of various local Los Angeles clothing factories.

Final Thoughts on United States Clothing Manufacturers

Jennifer Evans sitting at the front desk of her American clothing manufacturing studio in Los AngelesWhen choosing between domestic and overseas, it shouldn’t be a contest when weighing your options. Choosing stateside businesses is an excellent idea if you want the most out of your fashion production.

Whether it’s working out a MOQ that works for you, ethical production, quality assurance, and more, choosing USA services to help you build your clothing business makes a massive difference.

In short, domestic apparel manufacturing in Los Angeles can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

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