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Avant-Garde Fashion: 3 Unusual Styles That Inspire Designers

Published On: March 2, 2022

The world of fashion is all about changing things up. Whether it’s cycling through nostalgia with this spring’s fashion trends hearkening back to Y2K or something completely new, avant-garde fashion makes an impact.

But what makes avant-garde fashion so captivating? Sure, the unique styles have something to do with it. But there’s something more. Let’s examine a few key avant-garde styles that made an impact, regardless of their cost.

But first, what does avant-garde mean for the fashion world? And how can clothing manufacturers help create more of it?

Let’s explore this fashion concept, asymmetrical shapes, voluminous dresses, and all.

What Is Avant-Garde Fashion?

Piece of paper with avant-garde fashion sketch on itAvant-garde in fashion is all focused on forward-looking styles.

That is styles that anticipate what is going to become a trend. But with avant-garde fashion, it’s a bit more than that. It’s much more than just putting one or two pieces in their fashion collection.

It takes the concept of forward-looking styles and takes massive leaps forward, often bucking current looks and fashion trends dominating the industry.

‘Avant-garde’ itself refers to creatives or art pieces that challenge norms and use experimental ideas. When a designer develops a look, a piece of music, or a new painting with an avant-garde flair, it’s usually unorthodox and entirely unique.

The avant-garde fashion type is less about ‘thinking outside of the box’ and more about ‘obliterating the box and what it originally stood for.’

While home to conventional ideas, the fashion industry has some space set aside for avant-garde styles and the creative geniuses behind them.

In short, if you’re an independent clothing designer with a flair for the avant-garde, you’re in good company. Don’t believe us? Here are some iconic avant-garde fashion styles that transformed the industry.

Avant-Garde Fashion Examples

So, who made a splash in the fashion world with fashion-forward ideas?

Let’s take a look at some avant-garde styles that will help inspire you to create your own luxury indie brand.

Rick Owens – The Ramones Converse

A notable avant-garde master, Rick Owens, is constantly shifting the fashion landscape with his out-of-this-world designs.

But Rick Owens also knows how to keep things simple, too. For example, his new line of Chuck Taylor’s inspired by the iconic punk band, The Ramones, appeared in early 2021.

Owens, speaking with WWD, explained his philosophy toward sneaker design, something he’s extremely passionate about.

“I always think of it as kind of corrupting something that exists. And I don’t mean that in an aggressive way,” he said, explaining that his “aesthetic gesture has always been about promoting the idea that perfect or traditional beauty can be very strict and cruel” and that pushing the boundaries “signifies tolerance for other ideas.”

And with a collaboration with Birkenstock, it looks like Rick Owens and shoe wear will make a huge impact on fashion staples.

Comme des Garçon – 2014 Autumn/Winter Menswear

Led by Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçon has been turning heads since the late 1960s.

And the pattern continues over 50 years later.

At the Met Gala, Comme des Garçon had some fantastic looks. For example, his dark look conjured up by, of all things, David Lynch’s 1980 film The Elephant Man and Ganesh, the Hindu god. Worn by Jared Leto, the autumn 2014 menswear line caused a splash.

Avant-garde as a movement thrives on these outlandish ideas and unique mashups. The best part? These talented designers and fashion houses make it work.

Who else but Comme des Garçon could create any look inspired by two disparate things like an old movie and the Hindu pantheon?

Ann Demeulemeester – Five Pockets High Comfort Blouson

Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester, consistently showing her work off at Paris Fashion Week, has been one of the avant-garde’s most prominent practitioners since the mid-1980s.

She blends classic slouchy fits with sleeveless jackets, creating a fantastic blend of avant-garde and fashion staples. Those wearing an Ann Demeulemeester piece like the ‘Marthe Five Pockets High Comfort Blouson’ can expect to turn heads as well as impress passersby wherever they go.

A seemingly impossible blend of subtlety with loud, creative statements, Ann Demeulemeester, proves she still has the fashion chops to dominate the avant-garde space.

Create Clothing Lines At The Evans Group

Jennifer Evans helping fashion designer create avant-garde fashionAt The Evans Group (TEG), avant-garde fashion designers have an invaluable resource for creating a clothing brand.

It doesn’t matter if an indie fashion designer wants to create a solid clothing collection of summertime staples or if they want to turn conventions on their head altogether.

The TEG creative team dedicates massive amounts of time and effort towards helping any designer find what makes them tick.

The team meets with the indie fashion designer to paint a more detailed picture. What are they looking to contribute to the fashion world? Something avant-garde? Or maybe starting small with no minimum order quantity?

Feel free to experiment with one of Downtown Los Angeles’s small batch clothing manufacturers.

Are fashion designers looking to dip their toes into the fashion industry waters? Regardless, the team crafts a comprehensive, ever-flowing fashion mood board to help ideas flow constantly. Even well after production steps begin. Inspiration never sleeps.

Plus, master pattern makers near you are willing to help you nail down every minor detail of the technical aspects.

In short, these professionals will ensure that you’re using sustainable materials to create a clothing line.

Avant-Garde: Fashion’s Secret Weapon

Not afraid to push boundaries? If you’re an independent fashion designer who’s and conventional trends, then creating an avant-garde fashion brand may be right up your alley.

Creative individuals looking to start or enhance their brand have a team to help them and collaborate on their innovative ideas. The team at The Evans Group, replete with pattern makers, creative experts, and textile professionals, all contribute towards completing clothing lines.

Are you looking to start a successful clothing brand? See why The Evans Group is one of the premier Los Angeles clothing manufacturers.

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