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Here at Teg, we are always looking for new methods to educate, inspire and inform. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned designer, we welcome you to join us on the journey.

Navigating the Development Process:

Magic Made Here

We know you’re reading this article with dreams of success in the fashion industry first and foremost in your mind. No, we are not mind readers. But for over 17 years we have had the privilege to work with over 2,000 designers and brands. Just like you, many were just starting out; armed with nothing more than a great idea, a dream, and more questions than answers. The first two questions most emerging designers typically ask are, “How do I get my collection made? What happens in each step?” While it can seem like a mystery at the outset, it’s actually much less complicated than you might think. The development process is where the magic is made. It takes some planning, decision-making, and navigation to ensure a successful outcome. So without further [...]

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Owning Your Achievements

Why Do I Feel Like a Fake?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?...” - Marianne Williamson. Oftentimes, the one thing that stands between a wildly creative person and success is something called “Imposter Syndrome.” This is a real thing and it’s no joke; it can keep you feeling stuck, get in the way of your productivity, rob you of a good night’s sleep, and keep you from achieving your dreams! If you’ve never heard of Imposter Syndrome, the term was first used by psychologists Suzanna Imes and Pauline Rose Clance in the 1970s. From The Very Well Mind comes this clear definition of Imposter Syndrome: “To put it simply, imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling like a [...]

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Take Time to Dream

A 2009 neurological study shows that half of your thoughts are daydreams. - Time Magazine Whoa! That simple fact from Time Magazine shocked us too. It doesn’t quite seem possible, but stick with us here. Daydreaming is the mind’s think tank. More from Time: ​​”Cognitive scientists say you have an incorrigibly distracted mind. The wandering mind is our brain’s default mode. Left to their own devices, our brains go to the beach when they’re not working on calculus or Angry Birds. See? Even now your mind wanders.” Daydreaming (and nighttime dreaming) can be called “the mind’s incubator”. This is where we problem-solve and come up with creative solutions and ideas. In our dreams, we can find answers to personal and business problems, or simply come up with design solutions like the perfect [...]

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Do I Need A Fashion Degree to Start a Fashion Brand?

We are big fans of higher education. An education can jump start creative thoughts and ideas, improve your resume, and build a strong network of like-minded people; the advantages to education are real and the purpose of this discussion is NOT to discount them. That said, higher education often comes with an even higher price tag that isn’t feasible for everyone. This is an unfortunate fact, and with the economy being what it is, a fashion degree could look unlikely for you. If you find yourself unable to shoulder the burden of tuition, or your life doesn’t allow you the luxury of going to school right now, don’t give up your dream of breaking into the business or building your own brand. It is possible to do so without that revered piece [...]

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Work/Life Harmony

How to Regain Control of Your Life

As a designer in love with your brand, it’s not surprising that you’re immersed (or should we say, obsessed?) with every aspect of it. In fact, that’s typical behavior for any designer starting out. You dream of your brand, work on your brand, talk about your brand; your brand is everything to you. 24/7. As it should be. Or should it? Chances are you’ve seen a lot of discussion about work/life balance. Instead, we’d like to talk to you about something that is more realistic and achievable: work/life harmony. Work/life balance implies that both sides can be equal; that you’re striving for an even 50/50 split. 50 percent of your life will be devoted to work, and 50 percent will be devoted to your personal life. We contend that goal sets up [...]

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The True Cost of Fast Fashion?

We’ve all heard the phrase “fast fashion.” Maybe some of us have even shopped a piece or two of it ourselves. As a fashion aficionado, it’s practically unavoidable. And its proliferation grows day by day. As Investopedia says, “Fast fashion is the term used to describe clothing designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to take advantage of trends. (At times, designs move from sketchpad to store in a matter of a few weeks, vs. close to a year in traditional industry practice.) The collections are often based on styles presented at Fashion Week runway shows or worn by celebrities. Fast fashion allows mainstream consumers to purchase the hot new look or the next big thing at an affordable price.” Okay, that all sounds well and good. After all, who [...]

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How To Launch a Sustainable Brand

Part II: Fabric Certifications and Eco-Friendly Fabric Treatments

As an emerging designer, the idea of sustainability and eco-friendly practices probably looms large in your plans. As it should. But creating a sustainable brand does require some dedicated research. This two-part series is designed to give you a leg up! Earlier we posted an article, How To Launch a Sustainable Brand, Part I: Fabric Decisions, Deadstock and Upcycling. Now we’re going to discuss the next steps, fabric certifications and eco-friendly fabric treatments, such as dyeing and bleaching. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. Certifications and What They Mean To You To start, talk with your fabric vendor in detail about the sustainability of their product offerings. If the product they offer is sustainable, they will be proud of that fact and happily share any information with you, including industry certifications [...]

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Wait Til You See

What We’ve Done with the Place

In the last few years, we’ve seen quite a growth spurt here at Teg. For which we are, of course, very grateful. Yet in order to accommodate our expanded menu of services, we found that we were literally running out of space. But not anymore. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve moved to a new, larger location. We’re still in the Arts District of DTLA, but our offices are now located at 1321 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles 90013.   The new space is light, bright and airy, and we’re settling in quite nicely. But better still, we’re thrilled to have the space for things like our expanded fabric swatch library, a large, private atelier for fittings with our clients, even a bar area for you to relax and regroup after an intense [...]

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How To Launch a Sustainable Brand

Part I: Fabric Decisions, Deadstock and Upcycling

You’ve got a great idea for a new brand. Maybe it’s a niche product, like athleticwear, or something more complicated, like a contemporary designer collection. Well, before you forge ahead with the development of your brand, take into consideration this statistic from Environmental Magazine, “almost 90% of consumers see companies that support social and environmental issues in a positive light. Another 88% of customers tend to remain loyal to these businesses.” 90% of consumers! Digest that tidbit for a second before we move on. That alone should certainly be enough for you to give some serious thought into the sustainability and socially-conscious practices of your brand. Don’t panic, you don’t need to be perfect. No one is. But if you adopt sustainability practices that work for you and your brand and follow [...]

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Eco-Friendly Practices for Your Small Business

It’s impossible not to notice; in recent years, there’s been a real push towards putting eco-friendly practices into place. Not only in your home, but in your business as well. We won’t go into all the reasons why this is a good idea (of which there are a multitude), but there is one good reason to do so that you might not have considered: being a socially and environmentally friendly company can actually help you build your business! Just like you, your customers look for companies that share their values. If your customer is eco-conscious, they’re going to want to do business, and share their money, with companies that mirror this ideal. According to Environmental Magazine, “almost 90% of consumers see companies that support social and environmental issues in a positive light. [...]

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