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Here at Teg, we are always looking for new methods to educate, inspire and inform. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned designer, we welcome you to join us on the journey.

Five Common Pitfalls When Launching a Brand

Aka, “Ah, I’ll Just Wing It” It’s a heady feeling, for sure…you’ve got a great idea for a fashion collection! Or maybe you’ve already done some designing and creating, and you’re ready to turn your lifelong dream into your new reality. Congratulations, that’s great news! But before you take the plunge, heed this word of warning: Nothing is more important than a detailed, comprehensive plan of action. We can’t emphasize this enough. There are many moving parts to launching a clothing collection. Each of these moving parts comes with its own unique challenges and needs its own separate plan. In this post, we will illuminate some of the more common areas where many designers fail to properly plan, and how to avoid these pitfalls. This will put you in a better place [...]

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How To Start a Fashion Line in Six Steps

Chances are you’ve had the same dream for as long as you can remember: designing and running your own fashion brand. Maybe you’re just out of fashion school, or maybe you’ve been working for another fashion label for a while. Or possibly you’re in another industry altogether, just chomping at the bit to follow your lifelong dream. We know the feeling! The excitement that comes with unbridled creative freedom, days (and nights!) spent thinking about beautiful fabrics, trims and other finery, and the chance to be your own boss.  Well, before you jump in with both feet, hold on a sec. There’s a wise old saying that goes, “a goal without a plan is a wish.” This holds true in all business ventures, and maybe even more so in fashion; where the [...]

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What makes your brand special? Let’s talk.

You know, deep down inside, what makes your brand distinctive, rare and unusual. But are you able to articulate that thought to others? Can you give a good “elevator pitch,” expounding on the attributes of your brand? How would you handle being professionally interviewed?  When working with your branding agency, website designers, or social media managers, are you able to give them constructive and useful input? Or will you be one of those frustrating clients that just say, “I’ll know your work is right when I see it?” (Please don’t do that!) At some point in the growth of your company you are going to have to talk (and in some cases, write)  in depth about yourself and your brand. And yes, while a photo of your collection is worth a thousand [...]

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Welcome to our Blog!

It’s a pleasure to meet you here. I’m Jennifer Evans, owner and founder of The Evans Group (TEG). At TEG, we never stop brainstorming ways to engage, educate and enlighten emerging and established clothing designers alike (wow, that was a lot of “e” words!). Anyway, you might say it’s a bit of a passion of ours, and was really the catalyst for our new blog series. For those of you that don’t know me, allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I began my fashion industry career working in a small couture house, while studying business in San Francisco.  While I was there, I was assigned to New York City to lead the acquisition of couture and tailoring cut-and-sew facilities for the brand. I’m not gonna lie, finding myself immersed [...]

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