Factory-Level Production
Los Angeles


The TEG factory level production specializing in cuts of 50-100, 100-300, and 300-1000 pieces per style.  We are able to offer designers of all sizes high-quality production services that suit their individual needs.

Partnering with the best fair-trade facilities in downtown Los Angeles, TEG is able to offer a broad range of production services in most categories.  All factories partnered with TEG have gone through extensive vetting, and are in full compliance of California labor laws, TEG's intensive quality standards, and several large retailer's private certification process.  All projects are managed daily by our in-house Project Managers, who visit the factories and ensure these standards are upheld on an ongoing basis.

Our partner production services allow very competitive pricing for direct-to-consumer brands and those selling wholesale to retailers.  All production is contracted with quick turnarounds of 3-8 weeks, with rush deliveries available in as little as 1-2 weeks (with a rush fee).  All production projects are managed by TEG Project Managers, who work directly with the client as their production manager, ensuring TEG's intensive quality control is in place.   A top-of-production (TOP) is provided for approval by the customer, with QC checks completed regularly during and upon completion of production, ensuring quality and timing meet the client and TEG's standards.


Production services include:

  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Block Fusing
  • Send-out Coordination (screen printing, dye, wash, embroidery, pleating, etc)
  • Production Sewing
  • Trimming
  • Packing


After 9 years of keeping all production in-house at The Evans Group, with a very hands-on management of her team, Jennifer was finally convinced by a close colleague to explore partnering her client's work with another local factory.   After several years of these conversations, hearing about this factory's impeccable quality and perfect deliveries, Jennifer agreed to meet the owner and test his services.  It was an instant mutual-respect upon meeting, and true to her friend's promise, the quality and timing were impeccable, in alignment with her team's smaller volume skills.  

Now with countless satisfied client's production runs under their belt, the partnership has proven to be an exceptional collaboration, and the model used for TEG's new domestic and international programs.  TEG continues to form similar alliances with carefully vetted and tested factories in other categories, now providing a broad range of services and price points to TEG clients.



TEG offers production costing to those clients it developed, as well as those developed with outside sources.  A fee of $150 will be applied to all production costing, with a complete production report provided to you.   

The report provides costing at 3 different volume levels, and with all pre-production and related fees.  A physical sample and pattern card is required for all production costing, and approximately 5 working days.

All patterns from an outside source are tested with a sample sewn, for a fee of $200 per sample, prior to any production.  Any necessary pattern adjustments will be billed at our hourly rate of $99.50 per hour.

Production Costing includes:

  • Pre-production prices
    • Grading and marking has a $150 minimum.
    • Grading is $49.50 per size (up to 7 pattern pieces), and $8 per additional piece.
    • Digitizing is $49.50 per pattern (up to 7 pattern pieces), and $8 per additional piece.
    • Marking is $49.50 per size (up to 7 pattern pieces), and $8 per additional piece.
    • Cutting has a $200 cut minimum and can accommodate up to 3 color ways and 4 sizes.
    • Additional Services include fusing, packaging, handwork, etc. and pricing is given upon request.
  • Cut and sew prices for 3 volume levels:
    • 51-100 pieces per style (up to 3 color ways included)
    • 101-300 pieces per style (up to 3 color ways included)
    • 300+ pieces per style (upon request)

All production projects are managed by a designated production manager, eliminating the need for a personal production manager.  The TEG production manager coordinates all steps of the production with the client and related partners.  They serve as your coordinator and trouble shoot any issues that may arise, as well as ensure the specified quality and schedule is met. 

  • Project management fees
    • Starting at $500 per style

Please fee free to contact us at info@tegintl.com for more information or with any questions.