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Fashion Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide

Published On: May 2, 2022

Although we all see the finished products in fashion design, it’s easy to overlook the foundations of any clothing line—namely, the fashion drawing.

Fashion illustration is a fundamental part of American fashion design. Without concrete plans, sketches, figures, art, and poses, your new clothing line doesn’t have a chance to succeed.

Let’s explore more about fashion drawings, why they matter, and some tips to help get you started on your own fashion sketches. Plus, we’ll show you how these sketches fit in with your meeting with a clothing manufacturer.

What Is Fashion Drawing?

pink wall with nine fashion drawings hung on the wallLuckily, fashion drawings are straightforward. A fashion drawing is an early design tool to allow you to visualize clothing items and accessories to fully develop your clothing collection.

It’s your fashion blueprint and represents some of the first stages of the creative process, aside from a fashion mood board.

Different Types Of Fashion Illustrations

The best part about drawing fashion is the sheer amount of possibilities.

Not only with your designs but with the ways you draw or illustrate. Let’s look at some notable types of fashion illustrations for your drawing inspiration.

Flat Sketches

A flat sketch in bespoke fashion design is a technical drawing of your clothing samples. Instead of the more creative sketching and drawing in fashion illustration, a flat sketch helps experts like pattern makers with technical details.

These drawings are often included in the fashion tech pack. Along with your drawings, the fashion tech pack is a pattern maker’s tool for creating clothing along with your drawings.

The Croquis

The Croquis, or ‘figure,’ is the initial drawing of a figure in which you can seamlessly insert or change a fashion template.

Do you need to see what your ideal figure would look like with a different clothing sample? Switch it out with a wonderfully drawn croquis.

The Spec

The Spec is a fashion sketch that includes nearly every aspect of the garment. Color, fabric, textiles, everything. This sketch is as close to the finished product that the garment manufacturer works with.

Do You Need To Be Able To Draw To Be A Fashion Designer?

mannequin standing next to a fashion drawingNo, you don’t need to be able to draw well to create comprehensive fashion drawings and sketches. You can still launch a clothing line with zero drawing skills!

While it’s great to have drawing techniques and a sense of proportion, there are ways to draw fashion without even picking up a pencil.

Digital fashion illustration is huge in the industry and is becoming an effective way to communicate designs to pattern makers and seamstresses.

In short, while it helps to be able to draw well, it doesn’t stop you from creating unique couture.

Fashion Drawing Tips

Again, you don’t need to be a drawing expert to create fashion. Additionally, there are some other tips to help you in your fashion journey.

Get To Know The Human Body

Since you will be creating clothes, you must familiarize yourself with basic human anatomy. If you don’t, your fashion croquis will be a sad shadow of its potential self.

We’re not saying you have to take an advanced course. Merely by practicing drawing, you can get a feel for how a figure looks.

Experimenting With Colors

While you can create a memorable dress or fashion accessory without adding color, it certainly helps. Not only does a figure with color ‘pop’ off the paper, but it can also easily trigger other ideas and creative inspiration.

Don’t Forget The Hair!

While we’re always focused on the fashion in a drawing, it’s essential to pay attention to other details.

A great hairstyle can bring a fashion illustration together and make an ‘iffy’ look one of your cornerstone styles. Practice drawing different hairstyles on different head shapes. By diversifying your models, you’re adding more options to your sketchbook.

And, by extension, your abilities as an illustrator and clothing designer.

Drawing Fashion With The Evans Group (TEG)

table with books in front of a mannequinWhen working alongside experts at TEG, established and emerging fashion designers can partake in meticulous fashion sketching and brainstorming.

The creative team at TEG helps the designer, regardless of personal experience in the fashion industry.

The team will work alongside fashion designers to nail the look and feel of styles and fashion designs. Whether it’s a sketch or figure illustration, the TEG team is there to explore every creative option.

Are you planning to launch a dress line, à la Kate McDonald? Or do you want to take a page out of Hiraeth’s book and start a sustainable clothing line? Either way, TEG has you covered.

Fashion Drawing: What Happens Next?

After illustrating your styles, the fashion tech pack makes its way to the pattern maker, who starts work on your clothing samples. Luckily for new independent designers looking to ease their way into the fashion industry, TEG has no minimum order quantities or MOQs. Being a low MOQ clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles is a vital asset for indie designers everywhere.

What if you’re not sure about a particular design? With a large MOQ, you’re committed.

However, fashion designers can order less with a low MOQ clothing manufacturer. Fashion designers can see if a design or style works with their overall goals with this extra wiggle room.

After a few weeks of domestic manufacturing, the indie fashion designer will see their new clothing samples without the astronomical cost of clothing lines with massive MOQs.

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