High-End Production


High-end Sewing Contractors in Los Angeles

At TEG Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for independent designers. We offer in-house production on a small-scale where no minimums are required. Clients come from all over the U.S. to work with the TEG Los Angeles team, and enjoy the unique environment of the vertically-integrated sewing factory situated in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

With a focus on high-end apparel, the TEG Los Angeles sewing factory is geared towards brands that require special handling for quality or complexity.  It also caters to brands seeking initial up-front inventory for online sales, rush orders, installations, or small runs for publicity or market feedback. Also offered are designated sewing modulars for ongoing production clients.  The TEG Sewing Factory is unmatched in it’s versatility and quality for whatever challenge comes is presented by clients.

Apparel Manufacturing Services

Production sewing (10-50 pieces per style)
Hand Sewing
Project management
Special projects and installations

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