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How to Design Clothes For Beginners

Published On: July 20, 2021

Starting your own clothing line takes a lot of resources. Sure, you’ll want the best fabric, materials, and experts with the know-how to make it all come together. Knowing how to design clothes makes creating memorable styles and ready-to-wear clothes all the better.

But where do you begin when you want to design your own clothing? Before you start putting pen to paper, you’re going to need to check off a few things first. Let’s see what you need to do to create your own clothing line, step by step.

Clothing Design: Look for a Need and an Audience

Jennifer Evans and TEG begin clothing design process in board roomWhile it’s tempting to get to work immediately on starting your new clothing line, you need to do some background research. For example, what is the need in the current fashion market?

Are you tired of seeing the trend of fast fashion in the industry? So are we. That’s why you need to set yourself apart to attract the right customers and entice them into gravitating toward quality couture.

It’s one thing to use your talents to create clothes. It’s entirely another to create something truly unique that fulfills a need for a specific demographic.

For example, are you designing for the runways of New York Fashion Week or selling your clothing line in a boutique? You need to ask these questions and move onto the next step of the clothing design process.

Hammer Out a Clothing Design Business Plan

closeup of female fashion designer examining fabric for designing clothesPlanning is everything.

Once you’ve nailed down your ideal audience, answering the specific audiences’ fashion wants and needs, it’s time to craft a clothing design business plan. Clothing designers of all stripes succeed because of a solid fashion design business plan.

With The Evans Group (TEG), the business plan blends seamlessly with the design team’s expertise.

The creative director, and Jennifer Evans herself, help and guide designers to their specific goals when churning out clothing samples. Whether you’re crafting couture for an online store, designing wedding dresses, or even displaying different pieces of fabric for an L.A. art installation, TEG allows for inspiration to flow throughout the entire design process.

After initially meeting with Jennifer Evans and the creative directors, designers receive a custom TEG Specification Sheet outlining the prints, samples, and measurements.

TEG ensures that all the suitable materials, like sourced fabric and patterns, are chosen with the utmost care.

Find a Clothing Manufacturer You Trust to Design Clothes

Two clothing manufacturers examine a dress on a mannequinYou have an idea of your target audience, and you have a business plan you’re confident in. What next? Are you going to sew fabric you stumbled upon in your local store?

No. You need a professional clothing manufacturer to help guide you through this unique and rewarding experience. Again, you’ll want to search for a clothing manufacturer with a discerning eye. The first choice isn’t always the best. Explore your options.

It’s rare to find a clothing manufacturer when designing clothing that checks all the boxes. When designing clothes, you need someone who is a veteran of the fashion world, exhibiting design skills that sets it apart from the rest.

You also need excellent communication. After all, you’re communicating ideas to customers with your finished product. With TEG, Jennifer Evans ensures that communication is one of the tenets of her L.A. fashion production business.

Based in the heart of the Arts District of Downtown L.A., Jennifer Evans started a dependable, empathetic, and effective business model to help beginner fashion designers find their niche. In short, Jennifer Evans wants clients to reach clothing design goals. Additionally, she wants to create a product that both the fashion designer and target audience are satisfied with. With talented pattern makers, seamstresses, and garment manufacturers, TEG spends an impressive amount of time working alongside designers.

From extensive fashion sketches to mood board sessions, TEG guides clients through the heart of the design process, helping create an extraordinary fashion collection.

Final Thoughts on How to Design Clothes

Can you create a fashion ‘slam dunk’ overnight? Probably not. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of the design process, looks for new ways to improve on your

When you design clothes, you’re taking on a Herculean task, while not impossible, can take a lot of time and effort.

Is it easy? With the right clothing manufacturer and design experts in your corner, it is.

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