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How to Fashion Sketch: 5 Ways To Draw Your Clothing Designs

Published On: January 24, 2022

On the exciting journey towards starting a successful clothing line, numerous moving parts make it memorable and unique. Namely, knowing how to fashion sketch is one of the building blocks to any good clothing line.

And, if you’ve landed on the right clothing manufacturer, you could receive some invaluable assistance.

It’s a great skill to hone for any future fashion designs that pop into your head. Let’s see how to create a fashion drawing. Even kids are getting in on the benefits of being talented illustrators.

But first, what is a fashion sketch?

What Is A Fashion Sketch?

three fashion sketches laid out on a wooden table

A fashion sketch is a detailed drawing where the fashion designer envisions their design on a head or body.

There are different types of sketches and drawings that a designer can produce.

But first, they need a few key tools to make a drawing worthy of a future fashion design. Overall, this is one of the essential steps in garment manufacturing.

What You Need For a Fashion Sketch

Before launching into a creative fashion sketch, it’s useful for any designer to compile the following.

  • Sketching and drawing pencils. These are the primary tools to make your sketch come to life on the factory floor. Settle on a brand of drawing pencil you like and start to experiment with your designs. You could also use charcoal for blending or ink for a distinct, striking look.
  • An eraser. Although we wish we could draw the perfect design, reality (and further inspiration) gets in the way.
  • Drawing pads. You have the main tool. It’s time to acquire your fashion canvas. Sure, you could opt to start your design sketches on lined paper if you really wanted to, but you absolutely need a drawing pad. They have higher-quality paper and help you flesh out your fashion illustration.
  • Watercolor tools. Water coloring your drawings makes your fashion design come to life with color. Something like gouache can make a fashion illustration stand out with its more opaque look. As such, you’re going to want to settle on a set of watercolor brushes that gel with your particular designs and fashion style.

Keep in mind different designers gravitate towards other materials for various designs, so your mileage may vary. Feel free to experiment with whichever materials resonate with your drawings and outlines.

You must hone your designs before you eventually settle on how much it costs to start a clothing line. Not to mention sharing them with your chosen clothing manufacturer.

And these tools are only for physical sketching; there exist plenty of digital avenues to draw fashion and start your fashion career in full.

How To Fashion Sketch: Designing

Jennifer Evans and a fashion designer examining fashion sketchesLet’s examine the steps towards creating a unique and comprehensive style through drawing.

Drawing A Croquis

A fashion croquis is your basic foundation. It’s the framework, outlining the body from head to toe. They’re meant to act as simple outlines for your future work, so don’t worry about fleshing out a style just yet.

Think of a croquis like a template for your future drawings. A croquis helps you determine the proportions of your sketched model.

Oh, and for the record, ‘croquis’ merely means ‘sketch’ in French.

Step 1: Preparing To Draw

Before you jump in and start to create your style, it’s important to set the stage. You’ll need to use a grid to prepare your canvas for each body part of the figure. Consider everything: head, torso, arms, legs, waist, bust, and ankles.

Step 2: Start With The Figure’s Pelvis

The pelvis will act as a sort of anchor to the figure’s body. Draw the pelvic area around the center of the paper. The pelvis doesn’t need to be in any particular pose; just ensure it’s near the middle of the paper.

Step 3: Drawing Your Figure’s Torso

Now it’s time to flesh the figure out a bit. When you draw the torso, it creates yet another anchor for your figure’s shoulders and further defines future poses and body parts.

Step 4: Drawing The Figure’s Other Extremities

Now it’s time to fill in the rest. Remember to keep the arms, legs, ankles, and other body parts proportional to your anchors.

Step 5: Illustrate

It’s time for illustrating your finished croquis. Start drawing the fabric on your model, considering the proportions, poses, use of material, and how it falls on the body. Use your various colored paints, charcoal, ink, and colored pencils to add further detail.

Fashion Mood Boards: How They Help Your Fashion Illustrations

Two fashion designer talking while designing a fashion sketchFashion mood boards are a fantastic way to supplement your fashion sketches. Essentially, fashion mood boards act as a creative springboard to envision your designs with colors, shapes, words, and more.

As such, using a fashion mood board with fashion sketches is an excellent way to maximize the design potential of your fashion illustration. Additionally, you can even find a small batch clothing manufacturer to help you along the way.

At The Evans Group (TEG), our creative services team is here to help you through the entire fashion design process, sketches and all.

And don’t worry about the clothing line cost just yet!

Whether it’s a fashion mood board or the perfect fabric, our team of design professionals is on-call. They’ll be there for any revolutionary idea that pops into your head and help you capitalize on the design.

In short, they’re essential pieces of the puzzle to help you start a clothing line as an independent fashion designer.

Final Thoughts on How To Fashion Sketch

Whichever method, color, drawing pad, or paint you use, drawing a fashion sketch is your key to creating a memorable and stunning design.

With TEG, we aim to help both established and emerging independent designers reach their potential. Not only through drawing comprehensive designs but by taking those drawings and bringing them into production.

With our distinct clothing made in L.A., we hope to spur creativity and a love of fashion for our clients. Drawing that first fashion figure is the first step toward launching your own clothing line.

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