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For Emerging and Established Designers

At TEG Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for independent designers. We offer in-house Studio Level production on a small-scale where no minimums are required, up to 50 pieces per style.  We also offer Factory Level production, with low minimums of 50 pieces per style, and larger volumes for scalability. Clients come from all over the U.S. to work with the TEG Los Angeles team, and enjoy the unique environment of the vertically-integrated sewing factory situated in the Arts District of Los Angeles.


Studio Level Production
10–50 pieces per style

Our in-house Studio Level Production team specializes in small volume (no minimum cut and sew manufacturing) cuts of 10-50 pieces. This lends itself to high-end brands that require special handling or quality, brands seeking rush orders, or brands seeking runs for publicity or up-front inventory for start-up sales. Our in-house team also works on sewn art installations and special projects.

All garments are sewn by highly-skilled sample production sewers capable of all garment categories, with special handling. Most of our in-house team have worked together for many years and all regard their sewing as their craft, taking each project into special consideration. Dedicated sewing modular are able to be contracted, for ongoing projects, with a team trained specifically for the client’s needs.

All Studio Level Production is contracted with quick turnarounds of 4-8 weeks, with rush deliveries available in as little as 1-4 weeks with a rush fee applied. All production projects are managed by our Project Managers daily, and go through our intensive quality control checks. A top-of-production (TOP) is provided for approval by the customer, with QC checks completed regularly during production, and upon completion, ensuring quality and timing meet our standards.


Factory Level Production
50–500 pieces per style

Partnering with a small number of the best sewing factories in downtown Los Angeles, TEG is able to offer a broad range of production services in most categories, with competitive costing, scalability with varying quantities and expert production management.

TEG Factory Level Production specializes in cuts of 50-100, 100-300, and 300-500 pieces per style (all production cuts of 1-50 are completed in-house). All factories partnered with TEG have gone through extensive vetting, and are in full compliance of California labor laws, TEG’s intensive quality standards, and several large retailer’s private certification processes.

All production projects are managed by TEG Project Managers and Production Managers, who work directly with the clients, ensuring TEG´s intensive quality control is in place. A top-of-production (TOP) is provided for approval by the customer, with QC checks completed regularly during and upon completion of production, ensuring quality and timing meet the client and TEG´s standards.

Clothing Production Services

Production Sewing
Hand Sewing
Trimming & Packing
Installation Projects
Dedicated Sewing Modulars
Production Management

Apparel Production Costing

TEG offers production costing to those clients it developed, as well as those developed with outside sources.  A small fee will be applied to all production costing, with a complete costing report provided. This fee is credited towards any production contracts placed for those styles costed.

The report provides costing at 3 different volume levels, and with all pre-production and related fees.  A physical sample and pattern are required for all production costing. The process takes approximately one workweek to complete.

All patterns from an outside source are inspected by our patternmaker and a sample is sewn, at our standard rates, prior to any production.  Any necessary pattern adjustments will be billed at our hourly pattern rate.

10-50 pieces per style
50-100 pieces per style
100-300 pieces per style

Digitizing, grading and marking
Additional services
Project Management

Apparel Production Contracts

Production pricing includes a review of each piece by the production floor manager and production manager.  Prices are based off of the labor time involved and are presented in per piece prices to the client, with the additional related fees.  All prices are agreed to prior to any work starting, and do not change once contracted, unless there is a design change by the client. Payment terms for pre-production are due in full, and production sewing fees are paid with a 50% deposit, and 50% COD, upon contractual signing.

Project Management

All production projects are managed by a designated production manager, eliminating the need for a personal production manager.  The TEG production manager coordinates all steps of the production with the client and related partners. They serve as your coordinator and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, as well as ensure the specified quality and schedule is met.

About TEG

At TEG, we are a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer with in-house capabilities catering to small volume production of 10-50 pieces, with a high-end apparel focus, making us one of the top apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles.  All pieces are cut and sewn in our vertically-integrated facilities, by year-round full-time employees, allowing the highest level of quality to be found


Starting in a shipping container in Laguna Beach as The Evans Group, Jennifer began seeking out the highest-skilled seamstresses, cutters, and pattern makers around to form her team with.

This team has solidified a process and camaraderie that has provided over 950 designers with exceptional quality and service.  Fast-forward 10 years and many of those same craftsmen still work with Jennifer, along with new craftsmen who’s skills match their colleagues, approaching each new project with the same intensity for quality and craftsmanship as the first.  These teams work in TEG’s Los Angeles and San Francisco locations, providing local designers with what is known as one of the the best clothing manufacturers in California.

TEG has worked with many successful clients over the years, establishing ourselves as one of the top clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles. Please feel free to contact us at for more information or with any questions.

  • I’ve worked in the apparel industry for 12 years. This group is one of the most talented I’ve worked with. They work hard to bring your design vision to life. The patternmaker, Gery, is probably the best I’ve ever worked with. His background in men’s tailoring, as well as design, means that his patternmaking skills are those of a true artist (and there really is an art to achieving beautiful fit in a garment). The sewing team also goes above and beyond to meet our deadlines, and the garments are always sewn perfectly. I would not work with anyone else but TEG at this point.

    Sarah Armendariz
  • I have been working with TEG for 4 years. They are experts in all areas of the production process. My collection is very detailed oriented and Gery, the master pattern maker is fantastic to work with. The fabrics I use are the signature of my brand but I must say the first comments are usually focusing on the quality. Jennifer has created a gem of a company.

    Jan Whittingham
  • We have been working with TEG over the past few years and have been really happy with our experience. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the entire team there, specifically, Gery, Shannon, Kakuri, and Sam. They have proven to be invaluable resource for us and have really helped us grow both as a brand and a business. The quality of their work is a given but we have been equally impressed by the fact that they have proven to be true business partners- and that has been invaluable.

    James Gibson

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