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Luxury Fashion and Independent Brands: A Match Made In Heaven

Published On: February 24, 2022

We love when a good plan comes together. And when that plan involves an independent designer or brand? Even better. And with something like luxury fashion, it’s a masterful intersection of style and independent creativity and ambition.

What makes fashion ‘luxury’? And most importantly, how can this fashion form help independent designers and brands stand out in the crowd.

What Is Luxury Fashion?

Two Los Angeles clothing manufacturers looking at a fur coat as part of a luxury fashion brandIn the world of slow fashion, the criterion of luxury fashion is a specific high watermark in quality, price, material, and more. However, luxury is a complex term to define, regardless of fashion and its emerging designers. In short, you know luxury fashion when you see it.

Luxury fashion usually means a clothing collection or brand that exhibits the following qualities:

  • Exclusivity
  • High-cost
  • Aesthetics
  • High-quality

Is it something completely unobtainable? No, but it is more challenging to acquire.

Is it entirely exclusive? Well, not really. After all, brands need to cater to their customers. However, seasonality affects different clothing collections.

Luxury Fashion And The Designer

These days, luxury in all facets of life reinforces our values. For example, are you an independent fashion designer focusing entirely on sustainability within your brand? Are you looking to stem the tide of fast fashion and its stranglehold on the Global South? Independent designers are constantly changing what ‘luxury’ means when it comes to their unique fashion collections.

For example, luxury fashion lines can often contain sustainable or otherwise specified materials like organic cotton and Tencel. In other words, luxury fashion evokes imagery of high price points for high-quality garments. But it doesn’t necessarily hold true to every idea we have as ‘luxury.’

Additionally, luxury clothing lines have the essence of exclusivity. In other words, you can only get a specific garment from a certain designer at a particular time of year.

‘Luxury’ is more than just high prices and exclusivity, though. See what we mean when we say it’s a bit tricky to nail down a concrete definition?

But, at the end of the day, designers don’t need to have the backing of a powerhouse like Gucci to craft some unique new products.

Famous Independent Luxury Fashion Brands

To give you a better idea of what luxury fashion looks like, we’ll take a look at some notable independent luxury brands, both iconic and independent.

  • Greg Lauren
  • Hiraeth
  • Kate McDonald
  • Rodarte
  • Jonathan Simkhai
  • Moncler
  • Willem

What are some of the notable aspects of these specific designer brands, and what makes them unique? Can you see yourself taking inspiration from these independent fashion brands to make your own clothing collections?

Depending on the clothing manufacturer an independent designer chooses to work with, these different materials and exclusivity can vary.

And although the above points regarding luxury, namely the price points, seem out of reach, all luxury fashion isn’t meant to push others out. It’s about expressing a unique vision, creative freedom, and new and exciting ideas.

If you’ve got designing on the brain, it’s time to stop playing with the idea of starting your own clothing line and finally committing.

Let’s see how The Evans Group Makes this a reality.

How The Evans Group Help Independent Designers Focus On Luxury

Los Angeles pattern maker helping design luxury fashion with three wedding dressesAs a major domestic clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, The Evans Group (TEG) aims to help designers, both established and emerging, launch a fashion collection that will make an impact on the fashion industry.

More importantly, TEG wants to help independent fashion designers achieve that coveted high watermark of luxury fashion.

Laying The Foundation With TEG

Starting with forming the first threads for your luxury fashion collection, the creative services team, filled with design experts that help you formulate ideas and act on them, TEG lays the perfect foundation.

For example, using fashion mood boards, the independent fashion designer and creative services team create comprehensive, ever-changing designs and ideas that help build upon the designer’s clothing line.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll have access to some of Los Angeles’s best pattern makers and design experts.

And with luxury clothing, you have the materials and creativity to really push the envelope. But perhaps a more helpful tool than anything else is small batch clothing manufacturing.

Choosing Small Batch For Luxury Clothing

As always, TEG stresses the importance of small batch clothing manufacturing for independent fashion designers.

When a designer chooses small batch or low minimum order quantity (MOQ) manufacturing, they’re investing in the quality of their fashion line. Small batch clothing manufacturing in Los Angeles, thanks to TEG, allows for independent designers to manufacture a lower order. As such, the smaller amount of samples allows for optimal creative and production flexibility.

Need to revisit those fashion mood boards with your expert pattern maker? Are there revisions to make before the final production run? With a smaller order, you can revise, edit, and launch a luxury clothing line more easily.

Final Thoughts On Luxury Fashion

Although the term ‘luxury’ can be hard to pin down to a single, precise definition that checks all the boxes, TEG helps designers achieve their dreams of finally launching their luxury clothing brand.

Will it be an exclusive clothing collection with only a few hundred pieces? Or will you craft more with a focus on sustainability? The choice is yours. However, TEG is here to help you through these challenges.

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