Mentorship Program

TEG Fashion Mentoring Program

Nothing can prepare you for the challenges of starting your own collection. Chances are you have a myriad of questions that no amount of internet research can answer. Our fashion Mentoring Programs are developed to support you navigate the fashion industry landscape as an emerging designer

What is a fashion mentor? 

In the TEG mentoring program, a mentor is a trusted advisor that will meet you “where you are” and guide you every step of the way. While you can talk to your friends, family, and teachers. However, nothing compares to the advice of a creative expert, someone who has been exactly where you are right now.

Why do I need a mentor?

Every designer must create a lasting business trajectory amid a rapidly changing industry landscape. Finding a mentor early in the process can help foster success and help avoid common pitfalls. They are especially critical during the first few years of a business, as those are often the most challenging. 

Who are the TEG Mentors?

Our team of fashion mentors is composed of talented, accomplished individuals with years of fashion experience in clothing manufacturing and design. You will be “matched” by Jennifer Evans, founder of TEG, with the right mentor for your specific needs and goals as a mentee.

What can I expect from a TEG Fashion Mentoring Program?

Every designer needs different things. Some need more business support, some need help with e-commerce, or help with their strategy, their communications, or their merchandise. No two mentoring experiences are the same. Our mentoring programs tailor their specialties to your brand’s unique needs.

Your TEG mentor will challenge you, guide you and provide constructive feedback. All with one specific goal: to help you become the best designer and business owner you can be!

Team up with a TEG mentor for eye-opening conversations and advice on various subjects, like:

  • Where do I even begin?
  • How big should my collection be to make an impact?
  • How do I determine a “sellable” merchandise mix?
  • Who is my consumer?
  • Some standard design and development pitfalls
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Understanding the importance of having an experienced team in your corner and why it is crucial to your brand’s success
Two fashion designer talking while designing a fashion sketch

The Deep Dive

One 3-hour Intensive Video Session, plus one round of follow-up emails with your TEG Mentor

The Deep Dive fashion mentoring program session is perfect if you’re struggling with the intricacies of building your business.

We understand that your challenges are unique and specific to you, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Sometimes you already know the answers. A fashion mentoring program can help you see through the clutter. Or maybe you’ve got questions about your target audience, raising funds, or long-range goals.

Bring us your list of questions, and we will help you find the answers. In addition to your three-hour video session, you also get one round of emails for follow-up questions or discussions.

Designer explaining her ideas to patternmaker

By Your Side

One-month fashion Mentoring Program (four scheduled sessions, plus free direct email access to your TEG Mentor throughout the program)

This comprehensive one-month mentoring program is designed to help you bring your brand into an even sharper focus. Your TEG mentor will provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support, as well as advice on setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.

In addition to your weekly one-hour session, your TEG mentor will assign “homework” each week to help you expand your thinking and assist you in directing the course of your brand. Some discussion points might include when to add on additional team members, critical thinking around current technology, and sales strategy options. Even discussions about Made in the USA versus overseas production.

Now is the perfect opportunity to have an experienced team member by your side as you make those oh-so-critical decisions about the growth of your business.

For all inquiries and questions about the TEG mentoring program, please call or fill out the below form, and we will respond within one business day. Thank you! 

Los Angeles: 800-916-0910 | San Francisco: 415-324-8779

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