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Minimum Order Quantity: How Fashion MOQs Change Everything

Published On: July 13, 2022

Gatekeeping in the fashion industry can happen at the drop of a hat. Whether making clothing lines too expensive to make or ratcheting up a minimum order quantity, some would-be designers can experience creative roadblocks.

That’s why there is no minimum order quantity at The Evans Group (TEG). But what is a minimum order quantity, and why does it open or close doors for clothing designers?

What Is A Minimum Order Quantity In Fashion?

stack of brown garments on sewing tableA minimum order quantity, or MOQ, is a threshold put forth by a clothing manufacturer.

A MOQ is the minimum amount of items a retailer or production house allows their customer to order for manufacture in the clothing supply chain. For example, a high-end fashion production company could realistically set its MOQ at 300 pieces.

For fashion designers, that means committing to a clothing order that requires at least 300 pieces for the company to begin production. But this isn’t necessarily greed on the clothing manufacturer’s part.

The company needs to ensure that it receives a return on investment (ROI). If 300 pieces covered that, then that’s a reasonable MOQ. After all, these fashion production houses need to make a profit!

Would they love to give you the chance to pour time and effort into manufacturing one high-end sweater? Sure! The only problem is that they’d operate at a loss when the seamstresses and pattern makers finished their work.

It’s not hard to imagine seeing a massive MOQ like 300 and feeling left out of the clothing creation process. And that process isn’t something you can leave up to chance.

Why Low MOQs Are Important

Aside from being a financial investment, low MOQs can define how customers approach how they order clothing. A low MOQ serves the customer in a few key ways.

Lower Lead Times

One of the most significant benefits of having low MOQs is lower lead times. A lead time is the period of time from ordering to fulfilling clothing orders.

When working with a low MOQ clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles like TEG, you can expect your clothing orders in a matter of weeks. After all, acquiring raw materials for over 300 pieces can take quite a while.

Greater Flexibility For Everyone

In today’s age, we love to be flexible. Everything’s changing minute to minute. As such, having a lower minimum order quantity lets everyone involved pour extra time and energy into a project.

The designer can spend more time on their fashion sketches; manufacturers can put extra detail into an order.

At The Evans Group, the entire team works hand-in-hand with designers to make these small but essential orders come to life.

Using MOQs To Your Advantage: MOQ Strategies

folded clothing on tableNow that you know more about minimum order quantities and how they work, it’s time to see how to use MOQs to your advantage.

Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

Although you may be a first-time fashion designer, it doesn’t mean that you need to let clothing manufacturers step all over you.

Don’t be afraid to discuss a company’s minimum order quantity. After all, you’re putting all your resources and fashion capital on the line. However, keep in mind that the clothing manufacturer is in the same position and may be rigid with their policy.

However, don’t hesitate to see if you can negotiate something lower. You never know if you don’t try!

Use The Tools You Have: Fashion Mentoring

A beautiful thing about the fashion industry is the sheer amount of literal and figurative tools a designer has at their disposal.

At The Evans Group, emerging fashion designers unsure of their trajectory in the industry can utilize TEG’s new fashion mentoring program.

The program, launched by founder Jennifer Evans, is the perfect tool for would-be indie fashion designers who’ve never designed clothing before.

Designers in the Los Angeles fashion mentorship program match up with hand-picked fashion industry veterans. These veterans help designers through every step of the process, including education on fashion minimum order quantities.

No MOQ? No Problem!

Since The Evans Group doesn’t mandate a MOQ for its customers, there’s no need to negotiate numbers.

Designers can order a small number of pieces for a clothing collection. Feel like you want to experiment with a line of avant-garde summer pieces? Want to try selling a line of 10 designer t-shirts at your local fashion boutique? With TEG, we can make that a reality.

With no minimum, you can design, produce, and launch these exclusive, small collections to see how you like the clothing manufacturing process.

Unfortunately for others, high MOQs serve as a heavy disincentive, especially for emerging designers.

Why gamble away your money and resources on a fashion collection you aren’t sure about?

What Is A Low MOQ? The Way To Break Into The Industry

woman smoothing out plastic covering on clothingWhether you want a few choice pieces or a high-volume collection, minimum order quantities are crucial in manufacturing.

Knowing the minimum order quantity of the clothing manufacturer is a simple and critical method for growing a career in the fashion industry. Not only that, but it also helps forge meaningful professional connections and relationships.

And at The Evans Group, helping emerging fashion designer reach their full potential and connect with their contemporaries makes it all worth it.

Have any more questions regarding minimum order quantities at The Evans Group? Want to get started in the fashion mentorship program in Los Angeles?

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