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Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Clothing Line

Published On: July 15, 2021

When it comes to starting a clothing line, there is some good news and bad news.

The good news? Starting a clothing line is probably easier than you think. The bad news? It can be easy to make some serious missteps and mistakes when creating your clothing brand.

Let’s learn more about starting your own clothing line and the mistakes you need to avoid when designing and marketing your product to customers.

Not Keeping Your Clothing Line Simple (For Now)

Closeup of a fashion sketch during the clothing line design processWe know that designing a clothing line can be an exhilarating creative prospect that will have you feeling ambitious and optimistic. This is a good thing!

However, the excitement of building a brand can muddy the waters when it comes to your overall goals.

Start small. When a designer embraces multiple styles for a new clothing line, it spreads resources thin. Not only that, but your business may suffer as a consequence.

It can also add a lot of unneeded stress to your plate.

You need to put as much planning into your business and determine the next item in your fashion collection. Will your customers want ten unique pieces of clothing? Or are they looking for a solid 5-piece collection of similar items? Ask yourself these and other important questions to further understand and set up future business decisions.

Get familiar with the clothing manufacturing process, learn the business a bit. Once you do, we suggest branching out to different styles and clothes once you have ample resources.

Starting your own clothing business and fashion brand is an exciting time (trust us, we know), but it pays to be careful.

Not Being Detailed

closeup of a fashion designer examining fabric swatches for a clothing lineManufacturing a clothing line has a lot of nuances. It’s not merely ‘submit a design and receive pieces of clothing.’ As we’ve gone over before, creating a business plan and fashion design outlines is crucial to having a successful clothing line launch.

Emerging, established fashion designers and entrepreneurs need to have a firm grasp of their business plans.

This means creating a precise method of executing company goals. Whether through outlining all of your clothing line ideas or mapping out your budget, all of these things help you ready your clothing line production.

Additionally, think ahead.

We all love getting caught up in the enthusiasm of building a clothing brand from the ground up. But it would be best if you considered what problems you could run into down the road. Keep these potential roadblocks in the forefront of your mind.

Not being detailed with a brand and clothing line can create problems down the road with a clothing manufacturer. Speaking of which, clothing manufacturers, obviously, play a massive role in creating clothing orders and bringing your clothing brand to life.

Not Picking The Right Clothing Manufacturer

Two fashion designers going over their clothing line fabricsThis is a big one.

Make sure you choose a clothing manufacturer with years of experience, who works within your budget, and listens to you. Clothing manufacturers should guide you and help you realize goals, and use the best quality fabric and materials.

To make the best quality clothing, you’re going to need the best quality products for your professional business goals.

For example, if you’re an emerging fashion designer looking to try their hand in the fashion industry, a small batch clothing manufacturer may be your best bet.

With The Evans Group (TEG), Jennifer Evans and her team of seamstresses, pattern makers, and clothing manufacturers introduce new independent designers to the fashion industry.

TEG helps clothing line designers get started by engaging in an in-depth discussion about your business plan, brand growth, and creative design ideas. After establishing several pieces to produce, the TEG team allows the clothing line designer to hash out viable brand decisions. If the team decides the concept is sound, the clothing design team gets to work drafting and starting the clothing line creation process.

After the apparel production process begins, clothing line designers are in constant contact with the team and will have a finished product in a matter of weeks.

A production manager will go over the cost of the clothing line order during the production process.

Final Thoughts on Starting A Clothing Line

Remain vigilant. If you avoid these mistakes, you have a better chance of not only starting a clothing line but connecting with customers and selling products.

The first steps in the clothing line business can be intimidating. But they can also be some of the most exciting times to start your business.

Get in touch with a clothing manufacturer that you trust. All in all, starting your clothing line isn’t a pipe dream anymore: it’s a reality.

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