Our Team

Jennifer Evans, Founder and CEO

Apparel industry leader Jennifer Evans has spent more than a decade promoting independent design and preserving craftsmanship within the fashion industry. As the creator of The Evans Group, which she founded in 2005, Jennifer redefined domestic development and small volume factory operations. 

Jennifer’s business philosophy is built on a clear-cut system, one that includes straight-forward pricing and flat rate packages that promote industry transparency. Jennifer also prides herself on having the most experienced in-house team of highly skilled pattern makers, sample sewers, and production sewers, and providing an exceptional work environment for them. TEG's in-house team allows for the development of only the highest-quality designs and apparel production in an organized and timely fashion. Through the years, this team has served more than 800 emerging and established fashion designers. 


Jennifer’s passion for fair treatment in the garment industry began 15 years ago at Marta Kappl Couture in San Francisco. As Director of Development, she moved to New York to lead the acquisition of a custom tailoring facility. Through this experience, she cultivated a deep understanding of best practices in creating high-end apparel domestically and the needs of factory workers. Jennifer quickly learned the two go hand-in-hand and that providing an exceptional work environment nurtures the production of exceptional garments. 

This led her to develop a social enterprise aligned with her passion for social betterment within the fashion industry. Her role as an industry leader was born when she created The Evans Group in 2005, one of the first vertically-integrated factories specializing in small volume production.  She originally ran the company out of a shipping container in Laguna Beach, California with three rented sewing machines, and quickly grew, relocating to the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, employing a team of over 30 seamstresses. 

Over the course of her career, Jennifer has worked with hundreds of the most recognized and celebrated apparel designers, helping them to develop and design their brands with the support of her highly-skilled and trusted team of craftspeople.  Jennifer is poised to continue her legacy of producing the finest quality garments and helping designers develop successful fashion lines.

Sam, Client Development Manager, Los Angeles 

Sam was one of The Evans Group's first clients over 10 years ago, back in the shipping container days in Laguna Beach.  With her own brand, a group of retail stores in Los Angeles, and later private label business for stores such as Anthropologie, a synergy was formed with her and The Evans Group.  So much so, that she later worked as Project Manager for The Evans Group, and has now come back with TEG as Client Development Manager in Los Angeles.  Sam provides her utter charm and wealth of knowledge to each of our new and prospective client's projects, nurturing them to succeed.

Shannon, Client Development Manager, San Francisco 

Before joining The Evans Group, Shannon worked for a leading denim brand, went on to launch a label of her own with TEG, and worked hands on with design and production management for a clothing manufacturing facility in DTLA. This combination of Shannon’s hands on experience designing garments, managing production, and organizing sales and marketing strategies within the fashion industry, give her a unique insight into the process of starting and running a fashion label, helping her guide each client through the development and production process. 

Kakuri, Project Manager, Los Angeles 

Kakuri brings over 15 years of apparel project and production management to The Evans Group, with a specialty in sourcing.  Her experience spans managing all aspects of small and large volume productions both domestically and internationally.  Kakuri masterfully handles the logistics and details of the TEG headquarters in Los Angeles, and oversees each project that it handles.  You can count on her friendly and warm demeanor to make each client and team member feel welcome at every pass, providing assistance with whatever hurdle comes their way.

Jennifer, Production Manager, Los Angeles 

Jennifer serves as The Evans Group's production manager for factory-level production, working closely with TEG clients to ensure their production is seamless and on time.  Jennifer started out in the apparel industry in the 1980's with a passion for fashion and extreme attention to detail.  Since then, she has kept a pulse on international manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics, but stays true to her focus on high-end, responsibly-produced Made in USA manufacturing.  Jennifer's thorough understanding of the production process, and all the endless scenarios it contains, keeps her a calming, informed resource for each of TEG's production clients.

Gery, Lead Pattern Maker, Los Angeles

Gery is an expert craftsman who has worked closely with Jennifer for the last 12 years, since their days sewing in a shipping container in Laguna Beach, and is a cornerstone to the company. Gery cultivated his impressive technical training while in Bulgaria, which has gained him recognition as one of the best pattern makers on this side of the Atlantic, and the Pacific. Gery’s deep level of expertise and experience is what has helped set The Evans Group apart from its competitors, and his work in constant demand.

Gloria, Lead Sample Maker, Los Angeles

Gloria has also worked with Jennifer for over a decade and is one of The Evans Group's most skilled sample makers.  Known for her speed and agility, she quickly gained the nickname of “world’s fastest sample sewer” around the shop. Five of Gloria’s talented sisters have also worked as sample makers for Jennifer, leading everyone at TEG to conclude there is definitely something in the water that her family drinks.

Juan, In-House Production Lead, Los Angeles 

Juan is head of in-house production at the TEG headquarters, and manages the in-house team of specialty sewers.  Juan brings over 20 years experience in sample and production sewing and takes on each unique project eagerly, yet with a methodical approach.  His quality and organization keep his team on-track for even the most complex sample production projects.

Walter, Lead Pattern Maker, San Francisco

Walter is what Jennifer calls her “saving grace.” in San Francisco. He takes his craftsmanship very seriously, creating works of sheer perfection. Before starting to work with The Evans Group in 2012, Walter worked for a custom bridal shop for 12 years.  He now heads every aspect of the company’s couture and bridal wear programs, and works with local designers in the San Francisco studio.  Walter also heads TEG's internship program, training a team of 5 students each season.

Marcella, Lead Sample Maker, San Francisco

Marcella is the lead sample maker in the San Francisco development studio. She joined The Evans Group when fate brought her and Jennifer together again. The two had worked for the same designer many years earlier, when Jennifer was in college, and bumped into one another on the streets of San Francisco. They have been working together ever since. 

Jack, Mascot, San Francisco and Los Angeles

As the official mascot for The Evans Group, Jack has been Jennifer's loyal sidekick throughout her 10 years working on a sewing factory floor.  He takes pride in keeping the sewers warm at their feet, and customers appropriately greeted, leaving each with a keepsake of his beautiful coat, to take home with them.