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Where Are Pattern Makers Near Me? And Other Important Fashion Questions

Published On: February 4, 2022

When attempting to design fashion and calculate the cost of a clothing line, there are likely a ton of important questions floating around in your mind. What materials do I use? Where are pattern makers near me? Should I focus on sustainability? (Hint: yes!)

As either an established independent brand or an independent emerging fashion designer, finding the answers to these crucial questions can easily set the mood for your next big production.

What Are Pattern Makers?

TEG pattern maker Gery drafting a pattern using AutoCADPattern makers are fashion industry experts who create patterns using drafting paper or fabric.

It all comes together with a pattern maker. And at a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, that’s saying quite a bit.

And pattern making is much more than just choosing an attractive look (although that certainly comes into play). These professionals need to know every excruciating technical aspect of your future clothing line.

By using a detailed fashion tech pack and AutoCAD software, pattern makers can start a clothing line that hits all the marks.

Where Are Pattern Makers Near Me?

When starting your clothing line, you want to ensure that you’re working alongside an accomplished pattern maker. After all, even the most minuscule mistake can create a lot of headaches later on in the production process.

While we love to see fashion designers with some clothing manufacturing chops of their own, we can’t recommend finding a clothing pattern maker near you enough. Pattern makers

At The Evans Group (TEG), we employ only the best and brightest of pattern makers. For example, our resident master pattern maker, Gery, has years of extensive experience.

Our past client, Sarah Armendariz, had this to say about the experience working with TEG and Gery:

“I’ve worked in the apparel industry for 12 years. This group is one of the most talented I’ve worked with. They work hard to bring your design vision to life. The patternmaker, Gery, is probably the best I’ve ever worked with. His background in men’s tailoring, as well as design, means that his patternmaking skills are those of a true artist (and there really is an art to achieving beautiful fit in a garment). The sewing team also goes above and beyond to meet our deadlines, and the garments are always sewn perfectly. I would not work with anyone else but TEG at this point.”

We value the connection we forge with our clients, and we ensure that we employ some of the best local pattern makers to make your clothing collection stand out.

Should I Choose Domestic Apparel Production?

Yes, definitely. Opting for domestic clothing manufacturing gives you so much more control than outsourcing overseas. Plus, choosing domestic seems to be a capital idea due to supply chain issues.

When you choose domestic garment manufacturing, not only are you creating jobs for the local community, but you’re taking direct control of your creative ideas. When choosing domestic, you have a clear and open line of communication with your clothing manufacturer.

Plus, if there were ever to be a problem, you and your team can quickly resolve it. When you have a massive order overseas, you don’t have a pair of eyes on it. If something were to go amiss during production, you’d find out only when it arrived.

Additionally, when you choose domestic, you have a greater choice of using sustainable materials to create your clothing line. Whether it’s organic cotton, Tencel, or hemp, you set the criteria when choosing U.S. apparel manufacturers. Choosing American garment manufacturers also lessens the negative impact of laborers in the Global South.

In short, it helps us drift away from fast fashion, which is always a great goal to keep in mind.

What Is Small Batch Production?

closeup of detailed white, black, and brown fabric design used by pattern makers

Small batch clothing production (also known as low MOQ clothing production) is when a clothing manufacturer accepts orders under a certain amount. The agreed-upon number is 500 pieces. So, if you’re an intrepid emerging clothing designer, ready to experiment with new designs and fabrics, but can’t shake a fashion production house’s high minimum order quantity, what do you do?

You opt for small batch clothing production, of course.

There are some massive benefits and offering a fashion designer a smaller minimum order quantity to fill. For example, you have more flexibility to experiment with your designs. Plus, that leads to even better market research. Which in turn, leads to garments designed with the target audience in mind. It turns out that having a smaller fashion collection when first starting out has a ton of benefits.

Along with this flexibility, fashion designers can expect small batch production runs to move a lot quicker, too. By choosing a domestic clothing manufacturer, one that specializes in low or no minimums, you have your finished product delivered much more quickly.

At TEG, we allow emerging designers to introduce themselves to the fashion production process by offering no minimum order quantity. No minimums have been our policy from day one, and it means all the difference to new and old designers alike.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re designing a dress, looking for a pattern maker near you, or simply trying to find a clothing manufacturer with no minimums, you’ve got options. You can even start a clothing business from home. With The Evans Group, we’ve developed great relationships with nearly 2,000 clients over almost 20 years. With a roster of talented textile workers and designers, we know that we can help you launch that clothing brand you’ve been meaning to start.

You know where to find pattern makers, small batch production, and U.S. apparel manufacturers. The rest is in your creative hands.

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