Sewing Factory San Francisco

High End Clothing Manufacturers in San Francisco

At TEG Intl. San Francisco, we’ve become a recognized as one of the industry’s premiere contract sewing companies specializing in small batch production for fashion designers and clothing brands throughout California, the United States and worldwide.

We are a full service clothing manufacturing and cut and sew company specializing in sample/pattern making, textile manufacturing, commercial sewing, with a special emphasis on bridalwear for our Bay Area clientele. We work with client’s who focus is high-end apparel. The TEG SF sewing factory is geared towards brands that require special handling for quality and/or complexity. Brands seeking initial up-front inventory for online sales, rush orders, installations, or small runs for publicity or market feedback can benefit greatly from our workflow, and processes. The TEG Sewing Factory is unmatched in it's versatility and quality for the most innovative designers.

Located in the heart of San Francisco California, TEG has a special development and production emphasis on bridalwear, eveningwear, and couture construction.  This provides an excellent resource for bridalwear and wedding dresses designers. We work well with high-end fashion designers looking for a San Francisco sewing company who can provide small volume fulfillment for orders ranging from 1-10 pieces per order with reasonable turn around. View our SF bridal shop page.

Apparel Manufacturing and Sewing Services

  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Production sewing (10-50 pieces per style)
  • Hand Sewing
  • Trimming
  • Packing
  • Special projects and installations
  • Sourcing
  • Project management


Experienced, In-House Sewing Contractors

All garments are sewn by experienced, in-house, full-time, San Francisco sewing contractors, allowing for an uncharacteristically highest level of quality control and attention to detail. Our highly-skilled sample production sewers are well-versed in the special handling of the most complex textiles or complex gown projects.  Most of our in-house team have worked closely together for years. They regard sewing as their craft and career, embracing each project into special consideration with a high standard of perfection. The SF team works closely with the designer to create a customized program for their collection's unique development and production needs.

Garment Manufacturing for San Francisco

Clients work directly with our team, to create patterns and samples, with special attention to the details and construction to suit their market.  During the development process, TEG will house all fabrics and trims securely, providing a beautiful workspace for the brand.  Following a similar format as TEG's standard development packages, the services have been altered slightly to best-serve these designers' detail and complexity, from concept through small volume production.  

Small Batch Clothing Manufacturing for the SF Bay Area

Once styles are developed, TEG will provide production costing for 3 different volume levels (1-10 pieces, 10-50 pieces, and 50-100 pieces).  There is a $150 costing fee that will be applied to any production contracts placed.  For active clients, TEG will house the designer's pattern library in its facility.  The designer maintains their inventory of fabrics and trims, and provides the necessary amounts to fulfill each order.  This service works very well for bridal designers fulfilling individual orders, or very small volume of up to 10 pieces per style.


Drawing on the distinct backgrounds of TEG International's development team, all with extensive experiences in couture,  our commercial sewing services are designed to allow creativity and uniqueness in clothing collections, made locally in San Francisco and beautifully by hand.  Together, our craftsmen create the ideal team to allow forward, unique designs, conceptualized by our client's designs.

Why San Francisco

San Francisco, CA is a globally recognized hub for innovation in fashion, clothing manufacturing and design. We are lucky to live and work in such a beautiful city. SF's diverse culture creates unique setting for us to collaborate with designers and marketing teams. We also have offices in Los Angeles and Barcelona. 

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers Costs


In-house production pricing includes a review of each finished sample by the head sample maker and project manager.  Prices are based off of the labor time involved, and are presented in per piece prices to the client, with the additional related fees, in a TEG Costing Report.  

All prices are agreed to prior to any work starting, and do not change once contracted, unless there is a design change by the client.  Payment terms for in-studio production are 50% deposit, and 50% COD, with additional fees paid in full upon agreement.

All production projects are managed by a designated TEG Project Manager.  The TEG Production Manager coordinates all steps of the production with the client and related partners.  They serve as your coordinator and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, as well as ensure the specified quality and schedule is met.


Production Costing

TEG offers production costing to those clients it developed, as well as those developed with outside sources.  
A fee of $150 will be applied to all production costing, with a complete production costing report provided.  

A physical sample and pattern is required for all production costing, and approximately 5 working days.  All patterns from an outside source are tested with a sample sewn, for a fee starting at $200 per sample, prior to any production.  Any necessary pattern adjustments will be billed at our hourly rate of $99.50 per hour. Ask about our Collection Development services.

In-House Production Costing includes:

  • Pre-production prices

    • Grading
    • Marking
    • Cutting
  • Cut and sew prices for small volume, in-house production:

    • 1-10 pieces per style - billed at sample rates starting at $200 per piece.
    • 10-50 pieces per style - production costing required.
  • Additional Fees

    • Fusing
    • Finishing
    • Packaging
    • Management Fees

Please feel free to contact us at for more information or with any questions.



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