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Top 3 Reasons to Use a Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer

Published On: June 22, 2021

When building your small business, clothing line, or brand in the fashion industry, you need every tool you can get. Whether it’s the best fabric, the most efficient team of employees, or the most creative fashion designers, every asset counts towards your success. But what are some of the surefire ways to launch your own clothing line? One crucial method is choosing the right clothing manufacturer to work with. Let’s explore what clothing manufacturers do and the top reasons to utilize their services to build your clothing brand.

What is a Clothing Manufacturer?

Table with folded manufactured clothingA clothing manufacturer is a business that works alongside fashion designers to manufacture garments. Clothing manufacturers are responsible for poring over designers’ specifications and ultimately turning ideas into tangible clothing pieces for market.

Clothing manufacturers create couture (custom-designed clothing) for fashion designers the world over. Regardless if you’re an emerging or established fashion designer, clothing manufacturers craft products that have the potential for fashion shows, museum exhibits, and boutiques.

Where Should You Look For a Clothing Manufacturer?

Depending on your fashion goals, choosing the right clothing manufacturer can mean the difference between reaching your goals or coming up short. That’s why it’s important to choose a fashion production house that has an excellent reputation in a particular area.

If you’re located on the west coast, The Evans Group (TEG) can help clients in the immediate Los Angeles area. Along with serving local clients, TEG offers international clothing manufacturing for any independent fashion designer. Additionally, TEG partners with multiple sewing factories in the Los Angeles area, providing workers with steady, full-time employment. If ethical and sustainable practices are a priority for you and your clothing line, this is a great design asset.

Depending on your location, budget, and goals, do your research into company values, reputation, and clothing manufacturing portfolios.

But why should an independent fashion designer use the resources of a clothing manufacturer? Here are some vital reasons to use a clothing manufacturer in developing your own clothing line.

Why You Should Use a Clothing Manufacturer

A clothing manufacturer's fashion sketchBut why should an independent fashion designer use the resources of a clothing manufacturer? Here are some vital reasons to use a clothing manufacturer in developing your own clothing line.

Clothing Manufacturers Help Design Clothing

It seems pretty self-evident, but it can’t be overstated just how helpful certain clothing manufacturers can be. When choosing a clothing manufacturer, ensure that you select someone who clearly understands your vision, goals, and business plan.

For example, The Evans Group starts the clothing manufacturing process by meeting with and consulting the independent fashion designer on specific goals.

Jennifer Evans and her team make sure that everyone (textile workers, designers, project managers) is creatively on the same page. TEG believes that building a rapport and invaluable groundwork with clients can make a huge difference once the garment manufacturing process begins.

Clothing Manufacturers Offer Different Production Sizes

Are you a fashion designer aiming to design just a few unique pieces? Or are you setting your sights on a massive clothing line? Regardless of volume, a good clothing manufacturer is flexible when it comes to ordering sizes.

TEG offers both studio level and factory level production. The difference? Studio level is a much smaller scale production in every way. If a fashion designer wants 10 to 50 pieces, studio level production is the best option. This is where a dedicated team of Los Angeles cut and sew manufacturers get to work diligently crafting quality garments.

On the other hand, factory level fashion production is perfect for designers who want to scale their business in a big way. Partnering with nearby LA seamstresses and clothing manufacturers, TEG can produce 50-100, 100-300, and 300-500 pieces for any collection.

Admittedly, a large-scale production like this can fall victim to lack of quality, missing crucial details, and other pitfalls. However, TEG dedicates time to multiple quality checks during clothing production. Additionally, project managers on large projects offer a top-of-production (TOP) for the independent fashion designer, giving them a taste of what’s to come for their clothing line.

Clothing Manufacturers Communicate With the Designer

It may seem like a simple thing to do, but excellent communication skills are what helps manufacturing projects run smoothly. Knowing what the independent fashion designer wants out of their brand and what the actual textile workers are doing is a delicate balance needed to succeed in the fashion industry. If the channel of clear communication between a designer and clothing manufacturer breaks down, deadline delays, missed goals, and frustration usually ensues.

With TEG, communication with the client is paramount. Without knowing the client’s motivations, wants, and needs, the production team has no clear direction. That’s why clients meet with Jennifer Evans and her team to communicate these specific design goals and create their own clothing line that turns heads and opens wallets.

After consulting with the design team, the client goes over specifications, ideal measurements, fabric, and other materials needed to fulfill the order. The design team participates in intense brainstorming sessions, including the use of mood boards, detailed sketches, and meticulous planning.

Should You Use a Clothing Manufacturer?

Two clothing manufacturers laughing while designing a clothing lineYes. Using a clothing manufacturer has a bevy of benefits for emerging and established designers alike. Whether you want to craft a few pieces to dip your toe into the waters of the fashion industry, or you’re commissioning your next big launch for New York Fashion Week, a clothing manufacturer can get the job done.

With TEG International, independent fashion designers get preferential treatment, help designing clothing, various levels of scalability, and clear and constant communication.

The bottom line is that any designer can benefit from a clothing manufacturer and the team of talented textile workers that dramatically shift an idea into your own clothing line.

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