How Apparel Manufacturers in USA are Supporting Independent Fashion Designers

How Apparel Manufacturers in USA are Supporting Independent Fashion Designers

Being an independent fashion designer can mean wearing many hats, figuratively and sometimes even literally. Taking on that level of responsibility involves making a lot of pivotal decisions about your clothing label.

One of the first major questions you might ask yourself is whether you want to have your clothing made by U.S. apparel manufacturers or overseas.

USA based clothing manufacturers are now taking the lead when it comes to apparel production. Apparel manufacturers in America are able to cater to the demands of independent clothing brands (and their customers) in ways over-seas manufacturers aren’t able to.

In this article, we will discuss the resurgence of clothing manufacturing companies in the U.S., as well as the benefits of choosing American clothing manufacturers and how TEG can help.

The Resurgence of Clothing Manufacturing Companies in the USA

In recent years, we’ve seen more startup clothing brands opting to partner with American clothing manufacturers. This revival is brought about by a number of factors, ranging from greater ethical working conditions and local job creation to the ability for label owners to be more involved in the apparel production process.

If ever there was a time to integrate the support of American apparel manufacturers, it’s now.

Rayleigh co-founder and fashion designer Victor Lytvinenko says being and remaining a US-made fashion label is “absolutely” important to the company. 

“We love making things ourselves in America, and that will always be the heart of our brand.” 

Research from the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor reveals that the majority of consumers (52%) say it’s important to them that their clothing is made in America. 

The bottom line is, consumers do care where their clothing is being manufactured. And with the demand in place, we encourage you to meet that benchmark. Fortunately, U.S. apparel manufacturers are as supportive as ever.

How Apparel Manufacturers in the USA Support Independent Fashion Designers

Full-service apparel production manufacturers in the United States offer a multitude of benefits and support that you won’t find overseas.

TEG team meeting together

American clothing manufacturers, like TEG, understand that independent and emerging labels usually have limited budgets. By offering convenient, domestic production, guidance from start to finish, low minimums, and state-of-the-art technology, you’ll have the opportunity to be heavily involved in the creation of your clothing line from inspiration to fruition.

Providing You With Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Choosing internationally-based clothing manufacturers for small orders is difficult, if not impossible. Most overseas companies have high minimum garment order requirements, unlike U.S. apparel manufacturers that can provide you with plenty of small batch production options.

TEG actually specializes in small volume cuts of 10-50 pieces, with absolutely no minimum for cut and sew orders. This, combined with our team of highly-skilled sample production sewers, means we are able to assist specialty high-end brands, fulfill rush orders, create publicity runs, and more.

Giving You More Input in Quality Control

When you are thousands of miles away from the clothing factory that’s producing your garments, it’s difficult to predict the type of quality you’ll receive when your order arrives.

We work hard to ease your anxiety by standing by our commitment to quality.

TEG Apparel Manufacturer

We recently mentioned that TEG employs only highly-skilled sewers, but did you also know that our in-house team has worked with each other for years? We understand what our clients expect and what it takes for us to harmoniously bring your vision of high-quality clothing to life.

When it’s not produced in-house (50-300 pieces), you can rest assured knowing that we’ve partnered with only the best sewing factories in California, ensuring the highest standards are continuously in place.

American Standard Customer Service

Apparel manufacturers in USA-based locations typically abide by customer service standards designed to make your experience more enjoyable, more efficient, and less stressful.

TEG can be reached in-person, via email, or by phone, without the hassle of international travel, charges, or mismatched operating hours. All production projects are managed by TEG project managers and production managers, who work directly with clients, just like you, and ensure 

TEG’s intensive quality control benchmarks are being met.

TEG manufacturer and customers

Rather than be placed in a production mill, the appointed production manager coordinates all steps of the production with the client and related partners. In order to give you the best, most individualized customer service, they serve as your coordinator and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, as well as ensure the specified quality and schedule is reached.

Faster Turn-Around Times

If you’re familiar with garment manufacturing and the production process, you’ll know that many overseas companies have slower turnaround times than some of those in the U.S. Once you’re past the planning and production phase, which already takes several weeks abroad, you then have to factor in longer shipping times.

All of the studio-level production at TEG is contracted with quick turnaround times of 4-8 weeks, with rush deliveries ready in as little as 1-4 weeks (with a rush fee applied). Thanks to our synchronized and experienced team, as well as the project manager appointed to each project, we are able to expedite the process far more quickly.

Innovative Industry-Leading Technology

It’s important for apparel manufacturers to stay abreast of industry trends. When the design and production teams are able to work closely together there is greater growth in the advancement of technology and staying ahead of the competition. This idea carries over into the types of fabrics available, as well.

TEG team member working on her laptop

Our vertically-integrated fashion development and production house preserves craftsmanship while still granting access to the best technology in the fashion industry. TEG operates out of two renowned studios, in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, where garments are placed within a production sewing modular that specializes in the type of apparel our clients are working with. 

TEG Supports Independent Fashion Designers in Los Angeles & San Francisco

So far we’ve learned that when it comes to choosing efficient and ethical clothing manufacturers, USA-based benefits far outweigh taking your business overseas. 

As one of the premiere clothing manufacturers in California, TEG has become fluent in what it means to support independent and emerging fashion designers in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Founded in 2005, TEG has had 15 years to perfect all aspects of production. Intake, design, sourcing, technical review with a pattern maker, samples, fittings, and adjustments are just a few of the many ways we treat your project as if it were our own.

Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles

Not all clothing manufacturers are created equal. At TEG Los Angeles, we offer in-house studio-level production where no minimums are required, up to 50 pieces per style. We also offer factory level production, with low minimums of 50 pieces per style, and larger volumes for scalability.

TEG cut and sew services

You don’t have to be locally situated, either. Our clients come from all across the United States and are treated with the same unparalleled standards as LA residents. When you visit our studio, you’ll have the benefit of seeing our vertically-integrated sewing factory in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

We also offer development packages at both of our Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. These transparent service bundles make it easy to budget for the type of garment production you need. Everything is clearly priced and contains the exact services you’ll receive with each chosen package.

San Francisco Clothing Manufacturing

When you hear the word “couture” San Francisco clothing manufacturing companies may be the last thing that comes to mind. However, TEG has been upending this notion for years. There’s no need to travel to Paris in order to experience a real-life couturier because TEG has brought high-end, bespoke fashion to the heart of San Francisco.

TEG San Francisco

With all the benefits of our Los Angeles location, our San Francisco hub is equally as accommodating, but with a high-fashion twist. Best known for partnering with luxury bridal wear, evening wear, and couture designers, our team works with you to create masterful pieces.

We still offer convenient development packages similar to those at our Los Angeles location, but with an emphasis on higher-end, couture production.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Times are changing — from more ethically-conscious consumers intent on buying American-made clothing to the supportive environment of US apparel manufacturers, it’s no wonder independent fashion labels are choosing domestic production over foreign made.

We predict that this movement is here to stay. With the benefits of US manufacturing far outweighing foreign production, there are so many reasons to stay local. From zero minimums and quick turnaround times to unsurpassed customer service and experience, our operations speak for themselves.

Most importantly, TEG is here to support you every step of the way. From initial design sketches to fitting and production, our number one goal is to help your vision become reality.

If you have any questions about what you’ve just read or would like more information on how to work with TEG to put your ideas in motion, check out our frequently asked questions or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

For all inquiries and questions, please call or fill out the below form, and we will respond within 1-2 business days. Thank you!

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