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The Evans Group (TEG) supports independent design and preserves craftsmanship in providing high-end fashion production and development services. Since its inception in 2005, TEG has served nearly 2000 emerging and established clothing brands, and has created over 30 year-round, living-wage jobs.

The Evans Group (TEG) was founded in 2005 by Jennifer Evans.  Jennifer began her career working in a small couture house while studying business in San Francisco.  Seeking high-quality workmanship for the designer’s pieces, she was assigned to New York City to lead the acquisition of couture and tailoring facilities.  It was during this four-year experience that she learned the unique process of creating high-end apparel for an independent designer, and the needs of the factory workers alike.

With a desire to contribute toward change, Jennifer branched out to the non-profit sector, spending four years at the International Academy of Irvine.  She was tasked with creating a social enterprise program for the school.  Jennifer developed a program aimed at training garment workers from mass-production factories, to sew high-end clothing in small volumes, serving independent designers.  The program, originally intended as a fundraising measure for the school, was inundated almost overnight with orders. Unknowingly, Jennifer had sewn the seeds of The Evans Group.

With the blessing of the school’s founder, in 2005, Jennifer set up her own independent shop in just  8’ x 40’ of space, (a standard shipping container, actually!), in Laguna Beach, California, and got to work.  Demand for TEG’s high quality, and support for its sustainable practices, grew quickly. Within a year the company relocated to the Arts District of DTLA, and created over 30 new industry jobs, paying a living wage.

Fast forward over 15 years and TEG continues as a vertically-integrated fashion development and production house committed to supporting independent designers and preserving craftsmanship.  It consists of renowned studios in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, and international programs alike.  TEG employs some of the most skilled pattern makers and sewers in the US, allowing it to offer a complete suite of in-house development and production services.  TEG continues to be a leader in the fashion industry, instilling ethics, transparency, and best practices into every project.


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