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What Do Pattern Makers Do? How These Experts Design Clothes

Published On: September 15, 2021

Day in and day out, you may forget how good specific garments fit you. Maybe it’s a good pair of jeans or a stylish blouse. Either way, the look and feel of your wardrobe are quintessentially you. But how did that happen? With the expertise of pattern makers in the fashion industry.

When looking for a clothing manufacturer near you, the resident pattern maker must be an expert in all things design. But first, let’s lay some groundwork for pattern makers and their roles in the clothing manufacturing process.

What Is a Pattern Maker?

Two Los Angeles pattern makers going over a design in a clothing manufacturing studioA pattern maker is an expert in technical specifications. These fashion industry professionals use their design skills to execute numerous fashion design responsibilities. Think of pattern makers like building architects. These fashion design professionals use a clothing designer’s plans and follow directions to craft memorable fashion lines. They do this by measuring clothing samples on mannequins, fashion models, and other avenues to determine how clothing samples fit best.

At TEG, Los Angeles pattern makers utilize the TEG Specification Sheet, a unique form of a tech pack, to create a new fashion line. A significant part of a pattern maker’s expertise lies in adaptability. One fashion designer may present unique bridalwear, while another clothing designer puts forth designs for denim wear. Any pattern maker worth their salt can seamlessly transition from working on one clothing line to another.

In Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz’s piece, Made in New York (via The Cut), pattern makers in the fashion industry describe their experiences with some genuinely unique scenarios. Whether it’s the latest Met Gala, New York Fashion Week, or outfitting political figures like Kamala Harris and Jill Biden, these design professionals have anything but a usual workload.

For example, Francois Bouchet, a veteran pattern maker at Carolina Herrera, sums up the life of a pattern maker perfectly:

“When I was 15 years old, I wrote a letter to [French fashion designer] Pierre Balmain, wanting to hear from him about the world of fashion. He received me and my mother in his Paris office and told me that in this field, you don’t need just an excellent eye but technical know-how.

That’s what makes using a pattern maker essential to success: the innate design prowess to take an independent fashion designer’s ideas and craft a never-before-seen clothing line.

Why Use a Pattern Maker?

Now that you know what a pattern maker does in the clothing manufacturing process let’s see why you should go all-in with a clothing pattern maker near you.

Pattern Makers Find a Good Fit In Different Ways

Fashion model exposing the inside lining of a houndstooth jacket created by a pattern makerWhen using the fashion designer’s revised measurements and specifications, pattern makers go about finding the perfect fit for garments. A pattern maker will craft a pattern set from drawings and fashion sketches.

Los Angeles pattern makers can accomplish this in a few key ways.

For example, pattern drafting is a classic way of crafting clothing. A pattern maker takes measurements from a person, mannequin, or other forms to translate the measurements to the overall specification sheet. Pattern makers can also use computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to help outline the technical aspects for the fashion designer’s reference.

Darting can also make changes to a design without drastically changing the entire clothing line. This flat pattern-making practice is ideal for massive orders of samples.

In short, pattern makers measure a clothing line, how it will fit customers, who it’s designed to fit, and other vital details.

Pattern Makers Have An Eye For Detail

Closeup of a gold and white floral design created by a Los Angeles pattern makerWhile fashion designers starting their own clothing line are undoubtedly talented creators in their own right, pattern makers ultimately set the foundation for a design.

Working alongside a pattern maker means dealing with a professional who knows the human form, what fits, and what doesn’t. As such, they may suggest improvements to make a clothing line stand out. This is crucial for creating your own fashion brand.

Los Angeles pattern makers at TEG offer unparalleled attention to detail with clients, working alongside them until a design is perfect. Your clothing line is a few steps from completion; why settle for anything less?


If you want to start your own clothing line, you must work with a pattern maker. Without one, your product doesn’t have a hope of seeing the light of day.

But luckily, Los Angeles pattern makers at TEG are some of the most talented designers in their fields. So, what does a pattern maker do? They turn your clothing designs into a reality.

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