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What to Look for When Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

Published On: July 9, 2018

Choosing a clothing manufacturer is an exciting and challenging process. Whether you’re new to the clothing industry or doing research for a new manufacturer, our tips can help streamline your process and guide you in the right direction. Here’s our advice about looking for when choosing a clothing manufacturer. See how they help you start a successful clothing line.

#1. Clear Communication

The number one factor determining whether your end product meets your standards is clear communication with your clothing manufacturer, and we’re not just talking about ensuring there’s no language barrier. When you speak or correspond with your prospective manufacturer, notice the ease of communicating ideas back and forth.

Sure, you’re not delving too deep into the initial interview process. However, that doesn’t mean that your interview has to be superficial. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to feel whether this manufacturer might be a good fit for you.

By ensuring that you and your manufacturer communicate well, you reduce the risk of costly errors in the future. Poor communication can cost you both time and money.
Suggested Interview Questions

By using these interview questions in addition to some of your own, you can get a good idea about how communication will be with this prospective manufacturer.

Are you taking new customers?

Find out about their current production schedule. It might be a deal-breaker if you need to start production now, and they can’t work on your order until five months from now.

What services do you provide?

This is a critical question, especially for those emerging designers just starting manufacturing. Some manufacturers also do pattern making, grading, fabric sourcing, packaging, and other services. If you don’t already have materials purchased, you should look into having your manufacturer supply your materials. Because they are a larger company, they can sometimes get a discount. Be aware that they may charge a commission for this service.

Are you scalable?

Sure, your first order will be small, but what happens when you grow? Is the manufacturer able to grow with you and fill larger orders?

Look for:

  • Timely responses to any questions or comments you make.
  • Intelligent questions to clarify what you’re seeking.
  • Satisfying answers to your questions.
  • The ability to provide services you still need (such as pattern-making).

You should also pay attention to whether it seems easy or difficult to contact this prospective clothing manufacturer. If they cannot contact and communicate with you clearly and promptly, you should pass on any potential manufacturers.

#2. Location

When choosing a clothing manufacturer, the second factor you need to consider is location. The location of your manufacturer will impact both your manufacturer’s perceived communication skills and the cost of your product.

By working with a manufacturer located within your country, you ensure that you’re working approximately the same work hours. This means that you shouldn’t have a big-time lapse after you ask questions, and you should avoid receiving the answers in the middle of the night.

Plus, it’s easier to answer some difficult questions face-to-face with a nearby manufacturer. When significant manufacturing questions arise, a nearby manufacturing site makes it easier for you to visit and explain. Often, face-to-face interaction helps create better understanding between people and prevents confusion in the future.

This confusion could be costly. If your manufacturer misunderstands what you want, your samples could have errors. With too many miscommunications, the cost may start to add up as the manufacturer remakes your samples.

Suggested Interview Questions For Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

Where do you manufacture? Luxury clothing manufacturers might have a couple of locations. For example, the business may be based out of one location, and manufacturing might be based out of another location.
Can I take a tour of your facility?

Look for:

  • A precise location for manufacturing.
  • An invitation to tour the facility before you even ask.

Your prospective manufacturer should be proud of the facility and should invite you out for a tour before you even mention it. If your contact seems hesitant to have you come out or discourages you from coming by, that is a huge red flag. You should immediately pass and move on to the next prospective manufacturer on your list.

#3. Cost

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to run through your numbers so that you’ll immediately know whether a manufacturer’s bid is feasible. Here’s a simple formula to help you determine your price:

  • Labor & Materials) x 2 = wholesale price
  • Wholesale price x 2 = retail price (MSRP)

By ensuring your numbers are correct now, you make it much less likely that you’ll operate at a loss when you’re in production.

Suggested Interview Questions For Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

What is your minimum order quantity? It’s important to know whether your minimum order applies to all of your items or just items of a specific size or color. For example, is your minimum order for 500 shirts of all sizes and colors or 500 black size small shirts? This answer could make it cost-prohibitive to complete your full line with this manufacturer.
What are average prices?
Do you have credit terms?

Look for:

  • A clear understanding of the prospective manufacturer’s policy for minimum orders.
  • Whether the average prices match your needs.
  • An understanding of their credit terms and an opinion about whether or not they’re reasonable.

#4. Quality

Before you commit to working with a clothing manufacturer, you want to ensure that they do quality work. One way to verify is to ask colleagues who make items similar to yours. Be aware, though, that they might curb their praise or be hesitant to share information with you. Finding a good manufacturer is like finding a good spouse, so people sometimes hesitate to share.

You can also get an idea about a manufacturer’s quality by checking websites such as or’s directory. They do their best to keep an updated list of US-based manufacturers, what they manufacture, and their contact information. Although finding your manufacturer listed on one or both of these websites is an excellent start to ensuring that you’ll receive a quality product, that’s not the end of your work.

Suggested Interview Question For Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

To verify a manufacturer’s quality, make sure to ask for some prior customers or referrals that you may contact. The manufacturer should be forthcoming with this information, and you should get these referrals to ensure that these other customers had a good experience.

If you’ve decided that you want to work with this clothing manufacturer, send them your drawings, fabric swatches, or whatever you think they might need to recreate your item. When the sample arrives, look it over to ensure that it is exactly what you want.

Once You’re Done Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer

Once you’ve decided on a clothing manufacturer, you’re ready to go. Read and sign any contracts that may be necessary, then move forward with the creation of your new clothing line!

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