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Why You Need a Tech Pack for Your Next Fashion Line

Published On: August 31, 2021

If you’re a beginner clothing designer, you may be curious about how everything comes together, how all the big ideas, complex patterns, and raw experience come together to create a final product. By using a tech pack, fashion designers can do just that.

Along with creating something like a workable fashion sketch, crafting the foundation for your own clothing line is essential in making a name for yourself in the fashion industry. It’s also vital to give clothing manufacturers every bit of pertinent information they can use to create a fashion brand. Let’s see how tech packs accomplish these aims.

What Is A Tech Pack?

Three Los Angeles fashion designers going over a tech pack during a meetingA tech pack (technical packet) is a document essentially serving as a blueprint for your clothing brand. It contains all the technical information needed to help clothing manufacturers start working on the construction of your new clothing line.

Tech packs are a lifesaver, allowing you to monitor and modify the product’s journey through the production phases.

They’ve also been a staple of fashion design for a long time and are necessary for developing fashion brands.

Why Tech Packs Matter

Tech packs are essential for clothing manufacturing. For example, the TEG design and production team help contribute toward the finished tech pack.

These measurements, patterns, and other technical details give textile workers and project managers the help they need to take technical specifications and turn them into tangible garments. Along with showing the production team how garments should look, tech packs offer a few more crucial aspects to clothing and garment design. Let’s go over a few more benefits they offer a fashion designer.

Tech Packs Help With Communication

Two laughing clothing designers examining the details of a tech packAlthough the tech pack itself communicates ideas from a page, it also helps team members communicate with each other.

When launching a fashion brand, you can’t afford to make any glaring errors. That’s why a tech pack is perfect to use with your clothing manufacturer.

Tech packs communicate ideas through technical details, measurements, specs, and other universal details. Communication equals fewer mix-ups and easily preventable errors.

A Tech Pack Is Timeless

The great thing about a tech pack is that its details can always be relevant. Finished with a design but need to refer back to some small detail? A tech pack is perfect for reference and improvement.

Tech Packs Help You Avoid Problems

If all goes according to plan, a solid tech pack can help you avoid errors that could delay your product from hitting shelves.

It also ties back in with good communication. By breaking down all of the components and steps of the process, a clothing manufacturer can more readily determine how much materials, samples, and garments will cost.

And, if you need to edit your tech pack at all, everyone will be privy to it.

Tech Packs Are Manuals

When your garments need to make their way through multiple channels and teams, your designs need to stay the same.

By using a tech pack and putting your blueprint into a single, comprehensive clothing manufacturing manual, you’re streamlining everything. This is a massive help to everyone involved, from the supplier to the factory worker.

What Do Tech Packs Include?

Tech packs are all about taking your ideas and breaking them down to their nitty-gritty details. But what should be included in your tech packs?

Some of the basic things you need in your tech pack are:

  • Computer-aided designs (CAD)
  • Technical drawings
  • Order details like ideal production timelines
  • Measurements
  • Colors
  • Prints
  • Labels
  • Materials
  • Trim
  • Fabric

Depending on whom you choose as a clothing manufacturer, you may need more or less detail. Obviously, more is better, but it depends.

A TEG Specification Sheet as A Tech Pack

A clothing manufacturer measuring details on a houndstooth jacket after looking at a tech packIt’s crucial that when you’re shopping around for a clothing manufacturer, you need to ensure they dedicate time and energy toward crafting the perfect tech pack.

At TEG, the design team creates a detailed sheet that will help the production team make fashion samples. These details culminate in the ‘TEG Specification Sheet,’ our version of a tech pack.

When planning your garments with the design team, whether using fashion mood boards or brainstorming sessions, the TEG Specification Sheet is well on its way toward communicating the clothing manufacturing process to Los Angeles textile workers.

Tech Packs: Wrapping Things Up

Whether you’re looking for a small batch clothing manufacturer or simply want to know the steps towards crafting the perfect clothing product, tech packs are worth exploring.

At TEG, the Specification Sheet is king, helping project managers and factory workers alike develop a good-looking, memorable style. Whether this is your first foray into fashion design or you’re an accomplished independent designer, tech packs help you accomplish your goals.

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