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The Latest Winter Fashion Trends For A Chic 2022

Published On: December 17, 2021

It’s that time of the year again. You feel the chill in your bones, turn on the heat, and wait until everything defrosts for spring. But if you sit on the sidelines, you’d actually be missing out on some of the most stylish winter fashion trends. More importantly, these trends will quickly define the beginning of 2022.

Here, let’s give you a preview of some notable custom winter fashion you can’t miss out on. And perhaps these stylish trends can help inspire you to craft your own luxury clothing line.

5 Winter Fashion Trends: Finding That Iconic Look And Style This Season

Los Angeles pattern maker checking a black and white jacketPuffer Jackets For Stylish Outerwear

Outerwear and winter are basically synonymous. Everyone’s looking to stay warm, and what better way than by seeking out stylish puffer jackets?

Puffer jackets have always remained a winter trend over the years, and it seems this holiday season is no different. Brands like Stella McCartney and Givenchy constantly improve upon past puffer jacket designs. This year, the new trendy puffer jacket is more cropped, while the puffed sections are larger. They’re less fitted to your body’s form.

Likewise, you have the option of other similar jackets. Bomber jackets, shearling jackets, leather trenches, and neutral-colored coats are always great fashion mainstays that everyone loves.

Going Undercover With Incognito Wear

Going incognito with certain outerwear seems counterintuitive with making an impression. However, it’s possible to do both.

For example, incognito styles turned heads at the latest Fashion Awards in London. Actor Billy Porter, flanked by models wearing incognito jumpsuits, left a memorable impression in viewers’ minds.

Fashion giants like Dior are producing incognito wear. Is it possible to go undercover and produce a unique look with the clothes you wear? Absolutely.

Less Is Moiré

Moiré, the versatile wavy fabric, is aptly making waves this winter. Whether it’s a Moiré blazer for a holiday party or a dress for a fancy restaurant, Moiré is consistently one of the fabrics that we love to see.

Moiré can be made from silk, wool, cotton, and other sustainable materials.

Including Moiré fabric in your custom outfit is an excellent way to bring a unique yet grounded style to your winter wardrobe.

Knitwear: It’s Finally Sweater Season

Of course, knitwear and winter go together like fresh-fallen snow and a nice cup of hot chocolate. If there’s one thing you can count on in the fashion industry, it’s a stylish outfit, including knitwear.

In particular, oversized knitwear is experiencing a boom. So break out those oversized styles to get in on this winter sweater trend.

Winter Accessories

Of course, winter is perfect for accessories. A lovely scarf, a pair of gloves, or fuzzy boots always make an impression during winter. The best part of winter 2022 fashion is that accessories are more versatile than ever. You can opt for a classic pair of leather gloves. Or instead, craft a fuzzy pair of mittens.

The versatility of winter accessories always continues to grow and impress. The choice is up to you. All you need to know is that a nice accessory is on the top of many peoples’ Christmas lists.

If you want to get in on this winter trend, it’s time to start designing some memorable accessory styles.

Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturers and Winter Fashion Trends

Ruler and plaid knitwear used in winter fashion trendsAt The Evans Group, the talented creative services team, pattern makers, and seamstresses have their fingers on the pulse of the fashion industry and all its goings-on.

When you want to break into bespoke fashion, a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer is easily your best option to start a clothing line.

As such, the TEG team meets with emerging designers to help them discover what they need to convey to the fashion world.

Clothing lines could fall into these hot trends or go for something entirely different. With custom luxury clothing, emerging fashion designers can go all-in with winter trends or opt for designing fashion-forward clothing.

With TEG, independent designers of any stripe can commission clothing samples that line up with their creative visions.

Plus, TEG offers a unique policy of no minimums. A notable low MOQ clothing manufacturer, TEG allows fashion designers to order anywhere from one to ten clothing samples. Low MOQs allow designers just starting their own trends without wasting resources and finding what target audiences want to wear.

More About 2022 Winter Fashion Trends

Seamstress in a Los Angeles garment factoryAlthough we’re eagerly waiting for the sunshine of summer, we’ll make do with some of these incredible trends to occupy our winter. And allow them to make a splash in any wardrobe.

Additionally, this is the perfect time to launch your fashion brand using bespoke fashion design.

Whether it’s a leather coat, white knit sweaters, a black Moiré dress, or your favorite accessory to wear down the street, 2022 is looking bright.

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